World Today – How

Note that iRez has peeps called “Authors” and peeps called “Photographers.” The only difference is what we thought they’d probably post more of. Any “Author” is welcome to do a “World Today” photo post any time they like, just as any “Photographer” is welcome to do a “written” post any time they’re so inclined.

Thanks to all You team members for being here! 🙂

Diagram of WordPress Page Edit Screen with details of how to markup your "World Today" post

1. TITLE – The date, like “3 July” or if you like, date plus topic, like “3 July – The Gift”

2. MEDIA TOOL – Add your photo

3. TAGS – type “Photo a Day” (you can optionally type any other tags)

4. CATEGORIES – click “World Today”

5. TEXT – Please put your photo FIRST, at the TOP OF THE PAGE – it’s all about the image! Then under your photo you can add LOCATION:, Who is IN PHOTO:, and anything else you’d like to say, like:

LOCATION: Trafalgar Square, London
IN PHOTO: Laurel Leavitt, Vaneeesa Blaylock, and others
SHOOTING DATA: If you’re a “photographer photographer” you can include 200mm f2.8 @1/1000 etc
This was our participation in today’s “Dance Anywhere” project founded by Beth Fein. At exactly Noon PDT (19:00 GMT) people around the globe dropped everything and danced. This can be just a sentence or two, or longer if you like.

6. FEATURED IMAGE – this is the thumbnail that appears on the home page and on archive listings. You can actually click this and just select your same image. This works well if your image is horizontal. If your image is vertical, it still works, but it will display a narrow strip from the center. (on the home / archive pages, your actual post page will see the full image)

If you want a nicer thumbnail for your verticals, or even on your horizontals, if you’d like to crop in on the detail, since the thumbnail is smaller, you can use any size, but 660w x 330h pixels is ideal.

Screen Cap of Google Picasa photo editing software showing how to set a custom aspect ratio for your crop

With a program like Photoshop or Gimp you can crop to exactly 660 x 330 pixels for your featured image. With software like Google Picasa you don’t specify pixels, instead you click the drop down and at the bottom select “Add Custom Aspect Ratio” and say 2 x 1.

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