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World Today: This Looks Safe

Location: Stormwind Characters: Myself (the tree) and a friend. World of Warcraft just received a very fun patch, particularly for Druids. In the game druids are able to transform themselves into cats, bears, lions, cheetahs, stags and even trees. Becoming a tree used to be temporary, but this patch introduced a glyph for perma-tree. My friends and […]

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If Sims Were States

In the bad, old sooty days before methane or carbon monoxide detectors, miners would carry down caged canaries into the dark tunnels with them. If dangerous gases leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners. I’m beginning to believe that Hosoi Ichiba might just be our canary in a coalmine. […]

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Gemme Six: The Blake Sea – #6

This is the Six of my Gemme Six series. It’s about the Blake Sea but before you think you can’t go boating because of those darned Second Life sim crossings, I want to tell you something wonderful. Role Play in Time A World of Nature & Beauty A New Englander at Heart A Bluesy Kinda Luv Shopping, […]

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Barnraising in Lansing - Public Spirit

From Digital Residency to Digital Citizenship

Like a half-blind newborn, we begin our Second Lives rather aimlessly bumping into things as we learn to walk, learn to speak, and learn to interact with these seemingly fully formed people around us. Slowly but surely, we begin to realise why (at least for the past couple of years) we have the word Resident […]

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Still Photo from Pride Parade

Previz #68 – Avatar Pride Parade

CIRCUIT LA CORSE, MEEWALH SIM, SECOND LIFE MAINLAND, 9 August — Over the course of VB/CO’s history our performance works have covered a wide range of aesthetic and ideological territory, but it’s probably fair to say that they have moved generally from more scripted to more individualistic. In VB04 – Prism, for example, we all […]

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Image of Second Life Avatar pulling her hair out with various HTML text in glowing letters over her image

Extreme Makeover: Virtual Edition

SAINT-ÉTIENNE, LOIRE, 8 August — Here today, at the birthplace of performance artist Orlan, we announce Extreme Makeover: Virtual Edition. Drew Daniel of Matmos once said, Who needs Orlan when you’ve got Extreme Makeover? It was a cheeky, yet insightful observation that what was once the conceptual domain of edgy performance art had, in the […]

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Boredom in the Fourth Dimension

If I’ve learned anything so far from this research, it is that virtual reality and “real” reality are not that different. Virtual environments, after all, are based on our conception of reality as well as physical quantities. I started pondering this over the weekend after experiencing time pressures simultaneously in both virtual and physical worlds […]

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Minecraft: Imagination Engine

If you’re not already familiar with its blocky universe, check out my introduction to Minecraft. Existing initiates, read on… In The Beginning Was The Block There’s something supremely satisfying about starting up a new Minecraft world. Discovering what landscape you’ll spawn in, the power to delete it from existence if it doesn’t immediately suit your […]

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Gimme Six: Yordie’s Second Life – Part 4

I’ve made it to part four of my Gimme Six contributions. I’m enjoying sharing my favorite places with you. I’m about to take you from New England into the southland and into the heart of the blues, the Louisana Gulf coast in Second Life. Role Play in Time A World of Nature & Beauty A New […]

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VB36 - Pink & Blue @ Pico Pico Life / LEA19

VB39 – Cast

PICO PICO LIFE, LEA19, 21 July — Today 21 intrepid avatars celebrated the 21st of July by not being afraid of pink… or blue! Aero Bowman Agnes Sharple Apmel Ibbetson Benji Bhalti Broken Doll Calliope Lexington Epoh Narstrom Gina Broono Kikas Babenco Lace Jewell Marky Mark Zackerly Marmaduke Arado Mikati Slade Monerda Skute NicoleX Moonwall […]

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10 July – Cloud Party

LOCATION: Cloud Party IN PHOTO: Vaneeesa Blaylock Yesterday Botgirl posted an invitation and link to her installation at the new Runs-in-a-web-browser virtual world Cloud Party: • Botgirl / Cloud Party She and many other denizens of virtuality have been talking about Cloud Party and her post made me finally go look. I missed camera controls […]

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Enter a 3D Virtual World in Less than a Minute

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, this link will take you directly into my Pixels and Plastic art exhibit in Cloud Party. No program to download. No plug-in to install. You can either authenticate with Facebook or enter anonymously. Even in beta, Cloud Party is an amazing virtual exhibition platform for 2D artists. Check it […]

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