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ScreenCap of TweetChat twitter chatting app running in a RockMelt web browser tab


THE TWITTERVERSE, 15 August — I’ve just finished my 2nd “TweetChat.” I do love Twitter, and TweetChat is a cool platform for turning Twitter into a group discussion. Still, it’s a strange space to me. This Tweetchat was with Games MOOC, and the 1st was with Arts Management Chat. Both fantastic groups of smart, engaged, […]

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How Do You Spell Vaneeesa?

MIAMI, 27 July — What’s in a name? @vaneeesa change your username you slut — alexis.☯ (@alexiss_red) July 27, 2012

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Why I Create

Why do I create? Because I’m compelled to. The unrelenting urge has been with me as far back as I can remember. My earliest creative memory dates back to early grade school age when I stayed up late at night making up songs in bed. I was one of those people who decided very early […]

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The Facebook Says: Art 2

THE HAGUE, 21 June — After publishing the first batch of responses to The Facebook Says: Art • The Facebook Says: Art 1 more responses continued to come in. So here for your reading pleasure is, The Facebook Says: Art 2! I’ll ask another The Facebook Says question in a month. If we’re not “friends” […]

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The Facebook Says: Art

THE HAGUE, 16 June — On Thursday I asked a few Facebook Friends a question about art. It’s now Saturday, 48 hours later, and the wave of replies has subsided, so it seems like a good time to hit the “publish” button. I hope I didn’t lose anyone in my messy FB message box; I […]

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Eric Whitacre / Virtual Choir

LINCOLN CENTER, 2 April — At the nexus of TED’s elitism, Thomas Kinkade’s populism, Sigfreid & Roy’s beauty, and Ashton Kucher’s charisma, composer Eric Whitacre premiered here tonight Virtual Choir 3 – Water Night. A virtual choir aggregated from 3,746 parts sung by vocalists across the globe and posted as online videos, Water Night is […]

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Bullshit on Demand

THE HAGUE, 9 April — Vaneeesa Blaylock’s skill at detecting bullshit, or at least her glee at convincing herself that she does, have gained a wide following. Recently paid £500 to determine whether or not Clipix and SocialBro are or are not in fact BULLSHIT!!!, Blaylock’s research is today being released for free to you, […]

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Revolution 2.0

OMG February 2011 – What a month! Last week Social Media was at the heart of regime change in Egypt… this week an IBM supercomputer is facing the 2 greatest champions in the history of Jeopardy… Ghonim described the revolution as “like Wikipedia,” and one can’t help but notice the resonance Watson has with Wikipedia… […]

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Easy to Break & Easy to Fix

The 20th century was the age of mass media, a gigantic, top-down, few-to-many mode of transmitting information, of creating culture. The bulk of global media was famously controlled by a half dozen rich white guys. I don’t know about you, but they didn’t speak for me. Before the mass age, communication came from the family, […]

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