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Olympic Condoms

LONDON, 1 August — Yes, How many condoms does it take to run an Olympic Games? is the correct question to the Jeopardy answer: 100,000, because 70,000 in Sydney wasn’t enough.

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Newbie Blogger Initiative 2012 logo. Typography over image of dragon, monitor, and mouse

Personal Repository

THE HAGUE, 27 May — “Personal Repository?” No, no, I know it’s a monumentally not-sexy title, but don’t slit your wrists – yet – read it anyway! It’s good for you! I’m actually writing this as part of the month of May #MMONBI, aka MMO Newbie Blogger Initiative. This issue might not be the first […]

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simple square column

Originally posted on I Stack Rocks:
visited the reservation today, went by bike. wanted to make something with more ordered faces, ended up making the top hollow; wanted to build a fire in it, but low and behold, I had forgotten my lighter! oh well. perhaps if it remains standing I will visit it in…

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Headstands for Peace (80 – for Geoff Hendricks)

Originally posted on Patrick Lichty's Art & Research Blog:
After a couple nights iwth my Second Front partner Bibbe Hansen, we had talked about all manner of things liek the Occupy NYC events, the Fluxus anniversaries, and Geoff Hendricks’ 80th birthday.  From that, she mused about his signature handstand in Second Life, but 80…

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Maybe I Should: Part 1

SKYBOX OVER AN UNDISCLOSED REGION, 3 May — Whiskey Day battles lag, cultural Benjamin-Button-itis, and gap-legged pouty-faced beggars, in hopes of exploring the potential benefits of skin resurfacing & rejuvenation procedures, and discovers just how much work it can be to look “natural.”

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Secret Alts, RealID and Obligations – Solo Play pt. 9

Originally posted on Traveling the Multiverse:
As is evident, WoW has great potential to turn even solo play into a social experience as we saw in the previous parts, depending on what level of sociability we tap into. However, solo play was also utilized as an escape from the social venue of the game, described…

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