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Hello, my name is….

….Krista, and I’m an installation artist/gamer from the midwest.  Many a snowy night has been spent in what I (affectionately) call “the land of corn,” questing and raiding in World of Warcraft.  Only recently has my gaming life intersected with my art life, due largely in part to the inspiring work by everyone here at […]

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Sepia toned photograph of iRez Virtual Salon authors Vaneeesa Blaylock and Strawberry Singh

Meet The Virtual Salon

THE BLOGOSPHERE, 13 August — Meet Pamela is one of the greatest films never made. It’s the fictional fiction film being made by the fictional real film crew in François Truffaut’s love poem to filmmaking, Day for Night. Today we have Meet iRez, a brief hello to a few of the real people who participate […]

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ScreenCap from Star Wars: The Old Republic, in front of the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a large tile floor with Ravanel's avatar sitting on the floor and her pet Orokeet facing her

VR Pet Challenge

IREZ VIRTUAL SALON, 7 August — Today the dam burst! Eva, Ravanel, and Trilby have all posted pet photos, of course some “normal” people even make pages, or accounts, for their pets on Facebook, so clearly it’s time for the iRez’ VR Pet Challenge! What is a VR Pet? How the hell should I know!? […]

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Image from Yogscast YouTube channel of cartoon guys at computer screens and microphones

Minecraft Olympics!

LONDON, 15 July — The crew from The Yogscast takes us to The London Games, The Minecraft Edition! • youtube.com/show/minecraft • youtube.com/show/yogscast

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“Gimme Six!” – A Tourist Guide to WoW pt. 3 – Leisure and Spa

Vaneeesa has asked the iRez authors to “share 6 of their favorite, must see, places in virtual space.” This is the World of Warcraft version. People travel for different reasons, so here are six locations that might appeal to a broad range of virtual tourists. Spectacular Nature – Howling fjord City Break – Dalaran Leisure and […]

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Group of authors behind a table

iRez Author Reception Saturday!

NEW NEW YORK, 30 June — Please join us today for hors d’oeuvres & conversation with some of the wonderful people who contribute to the iRez blog. The reception will be at Gallery Xue / NYC in the virtual world of Second Life. S A T U R D A Y – 3 0 J […]

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Typography Image: the words "Gimme Six" in yellow on a green background

Gimme Six!

THE MULTIVERSE, 19 June — With iRez’ contributing authors now extending to multiple worlds, it seems like a good time to Gimme Six! No, it’s not a noob commanding you to rub pixels, it’s a chance for iRez authors to share 6 of their favorite, must see, places in virtual space. You can have all […]

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image of Neal Stephenson at Subatai / Clang with developers in the background

Neal Stephenson

SEATTLE, 12 June — Author Neal Stephenson and his 2-year-old Subutai Corporation want to throw away plastic triggers and bring “real” swordsmanship to video gaming. Along the way he seems interested in exploring the future of writing: novels, fiction, etc, in an age of instantaneous networking. The “Clang” project will produce semi-proprietary “user sharable” resources, […]

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How much non-virtual money would you spend on virtual goods?

FOSTER CITY, CA, 31 May — Bailard Institutional’s Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management Division, Sonya Thadhani, reports that the biggest factor in an investor’s willingness to believe in the Virtual Goods Market, which reached US$2 billion in 2011 and is projected to reach US$3 billion in 2012, may be the investor’s age (or youth).

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Frozen in Porcelain

About 3 weeks ago, I handed in my 3D character Carl Fredricksen from “Up”. I didn’t expect 3ds Max to stick with me, I thought I would leave 3D modeling behind, but the prospect of importing other characters I knew, characters/avatars from WoW, and deconstructing them, seeing them in a new light, meant that I’m […]

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Newbie Blogger Initiative 2012 logo. Typography over image of dragon, monitor, and mouse

Awesome Lookin’ New Blogs!

THE HAGUE, 1 June — It’s already 1 June here in The Hague, but still 31 May in North America where many Newbie Blogger Initiative peeps are located. As everyone is wrapping up this wonderful month of new blogs and great advice, I wanted to troll thru the list of new blogs and pick a […]

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The WoW Factor LIVE!

STORMWIND CATHEDRAL, 21 April — Multiverse traveler Ironyca is working the ether again, this time appearing as a judge on the live streaming webcast The WoW Factor, imparting fashion wisdom and passing out gold! With tonight’s 1000, 5000, 10,000 & 20,000 gold prizes, the WoW Factor’s total prize awards crossed the 2 million gold mark. […]

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