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Montage of V Magazine covers from 2012 featuring Vaneeesa Blaylock on the cover 3 times

Diary #31 – V Magazine

NEW YORK, 2012 — Gallery Xue / NYC is a real, working art gallery, but it also seems to spend a fair bit of its time doubling as a photo studio. I’ve shot 4 V Magazine covers there this year. Click any of the thumbnails above to enter “slide show” mode, and use arrow keys […]

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Esra’a Al Shafei of Mideast Youth and Xue Faith of Gallery Xue

Graves Too

PORT OF LONG BEACH, 7 Aug — Thanks to everyone for spending time at Gallery Xue / LBC on Saturday. Since everybody seems gaga over Jackie Graves cool clothes, I just thought I’d chime in and say that I love her stuff too, but unlike you wannabe military brats, I like her FUN clothes! My […]

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Color photograph of virtual fashion designer Jackie Graves at VB41 - Rock the Casbah at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach

Jackie Graves

OXYMORON, SECOND LIFE, 7 July — As part of iRez’ “World Today,” today, I logged on, looked at who on my contact list was also logged on, and went to go take a picture with that person. Two days ago I took a picture with Mikati Slade, two days from now it will be Yordie […]

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Avatars dressed in Jackie Graves' "Poison" paramilitary uniforms and participating in VB41 - Rock the Casbah

VB41 – Rock the Casbah

PORT OF LONG BEACH, 4 August — Newton’s Laws of Motion: First Law: A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Second Law: An idea in motion tends to go anywhere it flippin well pleases and there’s pretty much no predicting or controlling where that’s gonna be. Newton’s 2nd Law (VB/CO Edition) had a […]

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Gina Broono wearing Graves "Poison" uniform in VB41 Rock the Casbah, at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach

VB41 – Cast

PORT OF LONG BEACH, 4 August — Today combatants from Red, Green, and Purple teams base jumped into a field of competition that included cheese throwing, noob throwing, and the deadly speedboat elimination chase. Although Jackie Graves (Graves Leather Latex Metal) and Xue Faith (Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach) claimed to be noncombatants […]

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Virtual Assassins Wanted!

LONG BEACH, 4 August — Calling all virtual base jumpers, assassins, pranksters & secret agents: VB41 – Rock the Casbah wants Y-O-U ! Pick Your Team! Test Yourself! Grab onto your pathetic excuse for a virtual life and make it real! VB41 – Rock the Casbah Saturday 4 August 2012 10am – Noon SLT 17:00 […]

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B&W photograph of performers at Gallery Xue / NYC performing in VB40 Charlotte, Forever!

VB40 – Charlotte, Forever!

NEW NEW YORK, 28 July — Sometimes a time, a place, and a sensibility can simply be defining. You have to pity the poor generation that grew up in the 70’s and has now spent the majority of their adult lives apologizing for the music of their time, even as their older siblings who grew […]

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B&W Photo of Pianist Pixelated Gina performing on a white, grand piano, at Gallery Xue / NYC

VB40 – Cast

NEW NEW YORK, 28 July — Today at Gallery Xue / NYC 9 cellists and 2 pianists accompanied Brazilian vocalist Anndy Believe in a performance of VB40 – Charlotte, Forever! an appreciation of avant garde music pioneer Charlotte Moorman, and an adaptation of her 1969 performance TV Bra for Living Sculpture. VB40 – Charlotte, Forever! […]

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Group of authors behind a table

iRez Author Reception Saturday!

NEW NEW YORK, 30 June — Please join us today for hors d’oeuvres & conversation with some of the wonderful people who contribute to the iRez blog. The reception will be at Gallery Xue / NYC in the virtual world of Second Life. S A T U R D A Y – 3 0 J […]

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VB34 – Posters

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Today’s performance of Betty Tureaud and Vaneeesa Blaylock’s collaborative work, Net / Work, was the first time these two long-time virtual artists have worked together. Here we have gathered some of the posters associated with the performance.

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Sojourner Starship & Vaneeesa Blaylock watching performance video in Sourjourner's screening room

Celluloid Heroes

KANDAHAR, 24 March — Friends dancing at a mountain site featuring Betty Tureaud’s immersive light and space installation, and managing not to break or twist anything regardless of how wild their improvisation, evoked today the bittersweet reverie of classic rock track Celluloid Heroes, here in the rocky Afghanistan mountains a kilometer above sea level. I […]

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Xue Faith and friends on the ledge outside the Egypt Club

VB33 – Sugar Mountain

PALESTINE, 2 March — On a slender, meter-wide ledge outside the Egypt Club, Xue Faith and 15 friends and relatives stood in the cool evening air, gazed off into the nearly 20km visibility, and contemplated the last hour of Xue’s teenage years. Then at the stroke of midnight, we went inside the warmer and less […]

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