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Diary #19

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, 1980 — Brilliant costume designs by the 11-year-old fashion prodigy Vaneeesa Blaylock for her summer production of… hmm… IDK what it was supposed to be called… but I’m sure it would have been epic. I think various artistic and technical differences resulted in a less legendary staging, although I recall the audience seemed […]

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Google software engineer "Stephen" wearing mock-up concept of "Google Glass" glasses

Google: Project Glass

MOUNTAIN VIEW, 4 April — The long time dream of Augmented Reality “heads-up displays” (HUDs) took a step out of the concept lab and toward consumer space today when Google posted “Project Glass” on Google+. Although the post included photos and video of a simulated pair of glasses this was far from a project offering, […]

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A Tale of Two Fashion Websites

Some people have a lifelong struggle with eating disorders… others have a lifelong struggle with blogging disorders! 😛 I try really hard… kinda hard?… to never blog about Free Culture or Fashion… but I fail a lot. I try not to blog about Free Culture because I feel like, well, as the saying goes, “My […]

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VB06 – Design Contest

Attention Fashion Design Students & Emerging Designers Scarf Design Contest Vaneesa Blaylock, Performance Artist, announces a Scarf Design Contest for students and emerging designers. The scarf will be used as the design in Vaneeesa’s next performance: == VB06: Golden / Red == The piece will involve 16 avatars wearing a scarf and red tights as […]

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