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The WoW Factor LIVE!

STORMWIND CATHEDRAL, 21 April — Multiverse traveler Ironyca is working the ether again, this time appearing as a judge on the live streaming webcast The WoW Factor, imparting fashion wisdom and passing out gold! With tonight’s 1000, 5000, 10,000 & 20,000 gold prizes, the WoW Factor’s total prize awards crossed the 2 million gold mark. […]

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concept image of giant Nike whoosh sculpture in the Karlsplatz, Vienna, from Eva & Franco Mattes "fake" project Nike Ground

Attribution Art

STOLEN PROPERTY VAULT, YOUR VIRTUAL TOWN, 16 March — Italian contemporary art critic and curator Domenico Quaranta has a recent post on Artpulse, “Eva & Franco Mattes: Attribution Art?” wherein he interviews the many “victims” of the Mattes art thefts. I’ve stolen from the Mattes myself, and I have to admit, I do love the […]

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Detail of the 1863 painting Olympia by Victorine Meurent and Edouard Manet

Painting is Bullshit!

VB Rant Week 7 Bitchy Posts in 7 Angry Days http://vaneeesa.com/category/vaneeesa/rants/ Rant the third: Painting is Bullshit! Yes it’s true, there are some great old dude painters. Yes it’s true, there are some amazing emerging women painters. And yes, it’s even true that friends of mine are painters. But with apologies to all… I’m just […]

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Good Grief

Mila Kunis was not impressed when her presenting partner Justin Timberlake declared at the 2011 Academy Awards, “I’m Banksy.” Apparently even the man who “brought sexy back”… not cool enough to be the world’s greatest living artist…. What do Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and for that matter, Mark Zuckerberg, have in common? They changed the world… without […]

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A Great Disturbance in the Force

a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced — Obi-Wan Kenobi Hi Guys, We just got word that Odyssey Contemporary Art & Performance of Second Life has lost its angel funding and may have to close in February. Here’s what Vaneeesa said about […]

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Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum

Last year Bruce Sterling wrote an article about Eva & Franco Mattes 2003 prank Nike Ground in which they installed a large exhibition claiming that Nike had purchased Vienna’s legendary Karlsplatz and was renaming it Nikeplatz, and for which Nike sued the Mattes for €78,000. In the end, Sterling concluded that Nike’s 2003 lawsuit would […]

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Maurizio Cattelan

Hey Everybody!! I got another postcard from Vaneeesa! She did an interview with the Italian bad-boy artist Maurizio Cattelan and he sent her a giant crate! She says that now the artist is the art! Aero Bigboots 100 Bayshore Drive Biscuit Bay, An Li Second Life Hi Aero, I did a phone interview with Maurizio […]

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In Bed with Eva & Franco Mattes

Eva & Franco Mattes made one of their pilgramages to SL last week. They installed giant appliances at The Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator and performed Pseudo-Futurist Video Game Improvisation Extravaganza, as part of Performa09, Second Life, New York

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