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Diary #19

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, 1980 — Brilliant costume designs by the 11-year-old fashion prodigy Vaneeesa Blaylock for her summer production of… hmm… IDK what it was supposed to be called… but I’m sure it would have been epic. I think various artistic and technical differences resulted in a less legendary staging, although I recall the audience seemed […]

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Unitards & Catsuits

I think you’d be about as surprised to see Lycra-Woman show up with whips and chains as you would be to see Latex-Woman teach yoga or Pilates

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Nienke Klunder

LONDON, 4 July — Like Nikki S. Lee and Cindy Sherman, Nienke Klunder uses transformations of her appearance and self portraiture to explore identity. Klunder creates her images not in the street like Lee, but in her own studio, like Sherman. What fascinates me so much about this work, besides it’s general impulse to explore […]

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