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Still Photo from Pride Parade

Previz #68 – Avatar Pride Parade

CIRCUIT LA CORSE, MEEWALH SIM, SECOND LIFE MAINLAND, 9 August — Over the course of VB/CO’s history our performance works have covered a wide range of aesthetic and ideological territory, but it’s probably fair to say that they have moved generally from more scripted to more individualistic. In VB04 – Prism, for example, we all […]

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image of Susan Crawford

Human Rights on the Internet

Reblogged from Susan Crawford, The Blog The Human Rights Council of the UN has adopted a resolution supporting the equivalency of human rights online and offline – “in particular, freedom of expression, which is applicable regardless of frontiers and through any media of one’s choice.” The Council is calling on all states to promote and […]

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Montage of Senator Bayh with Purdue athletes and Alan Turing portrait illustration.

Alan Turing & Title IX

BLETCHLEY PARK / WASHINGTON DC, 23 June — Today is British mathematician Alan Turing’s 100th birthday! Today is American law Title IX’s 40th anniversary! Today is an extraordinary day in Civil Rights history! Perhaps no single human being sits at the nexus of 2012’s culture and technology moment more completely than Alan Turing. As one […]

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This Is What a Feminist Looks Like: Vaneeesa

NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSSETS, 7 June — Writer, blogger, wife, mother, feminist, and founder of The Mamafesto blog, Avital Norman Nathman has been posting profiles, This Is What a Feminist Looks Like, on Mamafesto for about a year now, and she recently invited Yours Truly to write one, which you’ll find both below and on the official […]

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Vaneeesa Blaylock descending the steps of the federal courthouse in San Jose, CA after her losing her appeal against Google Inc. today

The Public Square

ROBERT F PECKHAM FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, SAN JOSE, 2 May — Today Google Inc. made permanent their ban of Vaneeesa Blaylock from their unpopular social network site Google+, declaring Blaylock an illegitimate human being, her identity false, and determining that she had no civil rights and no human rights. In a written statement Justice Gundotra denied […]

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Equal Protection

  MENLO PARK, CA, 28 May — It’s heartbreaking to realize that Facebook can be so inclusive to one oppressed minority as the above LGBTQ “It Gets Better” video clearly demonstrates, even as, one week ago, Facebook committed avatar genocide. “Avatar Genocide”?? I get it. Words like “Genocide” and “Slavery” are enormously powerful words that […]

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CYBERSPACE, 10 January — In the glorious free speech year of 2010 Rose was moderated out of SL7B and VBCO was moderated out of Burn2. Probably a lot of other artists were moderated out of a lot of other things. Here at iRez, I have never moderated a comment out. We’ve had very little in […]

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SAN FRANCISCO, 5 August — Today United States District Judge Vaughn R. Walker struck down anti-same-sex-marriage “Proposition 8”: Moral disapproval alone is an improper basis on which to deny rights to gay men and lesbians. The evidence shows conclusively that Proposition 8 enacts, without reason, a private moral view that same-sex couples are inferior to […]

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Violet Blue

SAN FRANCISCO, 22 February — Journalist, sex-blogger, and author of Open Source Sex Violet Blue has had her work “restricted” by Flickr. Flickr has decided, without cause, not exactly to “take down,” but to “restrict” the content, the online identity, the resume, the persona, the web2.0 presence, that she has built thru years of posting […]

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