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New Home; Old Home

Hi everyone! We’ve moved! And haven’t! iRez: the virtual identity salon is still at our same “address” http://irez.me, but we’ve changed hosts from WordPress.com to WP Engine. When you type the URL, or search for us, you’ll go straight to the new place. But if you subscribed to iRez in the past, we can’t update […]

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ScreenCap of TweetChat twitter chatting app running in a RockMelt web browser tab


THE TWITTERVERSE, 15 August — I’ve just finished my 2nd “TweetChat.” I do love Twitter, and TweetChat is a cool platform for turning Twitter into a group discussion. Still, it’s a strange space to me. This Tweetchat was with Games MOOC, and the 1st was with Arts Management Chat. Both fantastic groups of smart, engaged, […]

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Why I Create

Why do I create? Because I’m compelled to. The unrelenting urge has been with me as far back as I can remember. My earliest creative memory dates back to early grade school age when I stayed up late at night making up songs in bed. I was one of those people who decided very early […]

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How 2 Read

The iRez Virtual Salon’s Home Page has all the latest news from our many virtual worlds and cultural conversations. Think of it like a magazine table of contents: from here you can click on whatever interests you. From anywhere, to get back here, just click the title itself “I Rez Therefore I Am” 1. CONTENT […]

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Screen Cap of this blog showing menu item to access "Author Help Pages"

Author Help Pages

Greetings iRez Authors! We’ve added a couple new categories on the home page “About” Menu: • Blogging Tips – a selection of posts that might be helpful to any blogger. Mostly pieces from the MMO-NBI (MMO Newbie Blogger Initiative) • Author Help Pages – a few pages that are specifically helpful (haha, we hope 😛 […]

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We’ve Been Scraped!

CYBERSPACE LABS, 27 June — No one knows less about content scraping than me, so hopefully someone out there can explain what I’m looking at. As you know, we’re all excited about Kathleen Cool joining the “salon” (author team) here at iRez. She made her first post on Monday, I left a comment on it […]

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Photo montage of Kathleen Cool's avatar Kathleen Koolhaven and actor Jean Seberg

New Girl on the Blog

Ok, so Vaneeesa and I started talking about my dissertation and failed blog a few weeks ago and long story short, she invited me to her blog. You may ask – who is this girl?! Truth be told, I’m just another graduate student trying to change the world with her research lol. For those of […]

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VB37 – Sitting is the New Smoking

CIRCUIT LA CORSE / SAN DIEGO / MILAN, 26 April — Mad Men depicts a time, a couple generations ago, when we knew that smoking was dangerous, but it was relatively new news, and like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush pretending Global Warming didn’t exist, Don Draper and his world could ignore the reality […]

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Newbie Blogger Initiative 2012 logo. Typography over image of dragon, monitor, and mouse

By The Numbers

SAN FRANCISCO, 1 June — kk, my last NBI post! 😛 I came to the project late, so even though it’s finished for now, I’m still “getting started!” hahaha I thought I’d share iRez’ site traffic, partly as info for New Bloggers, partly as Botgirl and Trilby both joined iRez in May and have already […]

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Previz #64 – Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k

MILAN, 10 April — Automattic’s manager of VIP Global Services, Sara Rosso announced the 2nd annual WorldWide WordPress 5k run/walk today. Held between Monday 23 April and Sunday 29 April, this “real” run/walk event will be “virtual” in that it is not intended as a physical crowd all moving down a single street, but a […]

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sheep at a trough

Feeding at the Tumblr Trough

CYBERSPACE, 11 March — in a world of 7 billion souls, is it reasonable, is it possible at all, to expect to have “unique” ideas? To be “creative?” When the Art History PhD’s helming MOMA or the Tate or the global culture institution of your choice “reblog” 20th centuriers like Jackson Pollock or 21st centurions […]

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wordpress graphic image

How Much Does WordPress Rock?

Some students and I were Skyping with Stelarc the other day… Yes, I know, fucking Stelarc! 🙂 Yes he showed us the ear. After the meeting one of my students drew a line in the air, gestured to one side, and said, “this is my life before today,” then pushed his hand across the invisible […]

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