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Grand Opening: Avastar Night Club

Originally posted on Fashion Forward Faces:
Last night, friday the 1st June I attended the official opening of Johannesburg’s first ever themed nightclub – Avastar. From when I arrived at the club I was welcomed by fire dancers , clowns on stilts making ballon animals and a brightly lit entrance “What happens in Avastar stays…

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Previz #66 – Pink & Blue

NEW NEW YORK, 5 June — I was reading a couple of posts by Avital Norman Nathman, When Boys Wear Pink, and Pink Scare. It’s hard to believe the whole pink & blue trope is still alive at such a late date. We’ve come so far. Facebook & Google+ notwithstanding, we’ve made so much progress […]

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A white or "porcelain" untextured, but 3D modeled, avatar character by Ironyca

Making a 3D Game Character Myself

Originally posted on Traveling the Multiverse:
This is what I’ve been doing in the past month of inactivity here on the blog: If this guy seems familiar to you, it’s because I tried to recreate Carl Fredricksen from “Up”. I know this is not stunning work, it’s my first time working with 3ds Max, so…

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Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012

BERLIN, 26 April — Opening here tomorrow is Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012: 51 Galleries and 51 Openings in 3 Days and 3 Nights, from 27-29 April. And with GWB2012 comes Virtual Gallery Weekend, also opening on 27 April and running thru 2 May. • Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012 • Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin • VB/CO […]

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frame from the VB34 machinima

VB34 – Machinima

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Light & Space artist Betty Tureaud and performance artist Vaneeesa Blaylock collaborated for the first time today with their presentation of Net/Work at Gallery Xue in the Kandahar mountains.     M A C H I N I M A . C R E D I T S VB34 – Net […]

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VB Previz #55 – Demo Days

Previz #55 / VB31 – Demo Days Saturday 21 January 2012 10am – Noon SLT 6pm – 8pm GMT Gallery Xue / Palestine http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Freedom%20Palestine/85/132/22 Our own Agnes Sharple has invented an event she calls “Demo Days.” Whenever we decorate or design our avatar… our physical “avatar” in the dressing room of a clothing shop… or […]

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VB Previz #43 – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Previz: DO YOU WANNA DATE MY AVATAR!? This piece considers how we choose who to spend time with and how in the process we shape personality and even visual appearance. I ascended from Second Life on 16 October 2010. Since I don’t live there anymore, yet have a “fully loaded” avatar, it seems like such […]

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Maurizio Cattelan

Hey Everybody!! I got another postcard from Vaneeesa! She did an interview with the Italian bad-boy artist Maurizio Cattelan and he sent her a giant crate! She says that now the artist is the art! Aero Bigboots 100 Bayshore Drive Biscuit Bay, An Li Second Life Hi Aero, I did a phone interview with Maurizio […]

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VB Previz #36 – Gogbot

Hi folks, this is Ze Moo here at the Virtual Gogbot festival with Virtual World Performance Artist Vaneeesa Blaylock. Hi Vaneeesa, you’re going to be performing on Sunday?

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Felicia Day

The truth is that Felicia Day does not piss me off, she amazes me. She saw a lack of opportunity so she created opportunity. She felt disdain for gamers, so she created a web series that celebrates gamers. She understands the media of our age.

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Field Trip Report: WoW!

Every time someone new came over from SL, or every time VeeBee got lost, you don’t just “TP me over”… the group has to chill out while somebody runs off to fetch the lost soul. While a bit of a nuisance, this made land and space much more real, much more tangible. You really were in a place, and other places and distances had real meaning.

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VB17 Dark Side of the Moon

In VB17 the cast created a Human Dodecahedron 3-1/2 kilometers above the Booville sim… and then… WE DROPPED IT!

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