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Gracee's 5th Rez Day in Second Life 2012 by Yordie Sands

Becoming Someone Else – Part 2

Second Life can be like MMORPG games in many regards, there are “players” who role play exclusively. There are regions that have training and rules for role play, even combat, but many SL players don’t see themselves as players at all. In fact, this is a dividing line for some, they refuse to be anyone other than the […]

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Becoming Someone Else – Part 1

This salon has professional authors with qualifications in education, psychology and other professions who explore identity and virtual identify. I read their posts with great interest.  There’s little question in my mind that most people who enter virtual worlds end up making choices that lead them into their identities. Ravanel started a series called, “Avatar & Identify – Introduction”.  […]

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photo of about a dozen similar looking male avatars all dressed in black

Open call to participate in a study on avatar identity through USC!!

A friend of mine at USC in California is doing an avatar identity study. He only needs 4 more avatars and you can  make 1000L Please read the info below and contact him if you are interested 🙂 Thanks so much :)) This is an open call to members of Second Life who have used […]

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Avatar & Identity Introduction Banner

Avatar & Identity – Introduction

Ever since Vaneeesa invited me over to write a guest post for iRez, I’ve been thinking about what gaming means to me and how to start this damn article. Fact is, I’m a strong believer in online identities, and I believe everyone is expressing themselves in some way or another, even when just playing an […]

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My Second Life Romance – Part 3

Unlike the end of Part 1 and Part 2, I sorta know how this piece will end. I think Second Life old timers and newbies will both find something to hang onto, even. 1) He Made Me Feel Like Dancin’ 2) He Filled My Life With Hope 3) Protecting Your Heart It seems ages since the end […]

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Image of Second Life Avatar pulling her hair out with various HTML text in glowing letters over her image

Extreme Makeover: Virtual Edition

SAINT-ÉTIENNE, LOIRE, 8 August — Here today, at the birthplace of performance artist Orlan, we announce Extreme Makeover: Virtual Edition. Drew Daniel of Matmos once said, Who needs Orlan when you’ve got Extreme Makeover? It was a cheeky, yet insightful observation that what was once the conceptual domain of edgy performance art had, in the […]

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Virtually Ethical

As a qualitative researcher, one of my primary areas of concern when conducting research in a RL or virtual environment setting is ethics – in other words, ensuring that participants are treated ethically and with the respect they deserve. Ethics has also been, interestingly, the primary barrier when conducting my research. As many of you […]

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Enter a 3D Virtual World in Less than a Minute

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, this link will take you directly into my Pixels and Plastic art exhibit in Cloud Party. No program to download. No plug-in to install. You can either authenticate with Facebook or enter anonymously. Even in beta, Cloud Party is an amazing virtual exhibition platform for 2D artists. Check it […]

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Mixed Reality Video From 2008

I made this video just a few months after being born in Second Life. The special effects are kinda cheesy, but it foreshadowed my eventual focus on Transworld identity. The song is by my musical alt fourworlds.

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Cherrybomb: The Band That Never Was

  Some people don’t see a connection between truth and fiction. I get that. But the truth is, the only reality a fictional character’s got going for herself is integrity. I got the idea of putting together a virtual band a couple of years ago. A cross between the Archies and Gorillaz. I enlisted a […]

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No one can steal my identity (in heaven)

This is a strange little surrealist trip juxtaposing fluid avatar image deconstruction with a gospel song about identity. I shot the image shot in Second Life, then effected it on iPad with PhotoCopier, VintageHD, PhotoStudioHD and Autodesk Fluid FX. The track is by Marshall Patrick.

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Image of Vaneeesa Blaylock, naked, arms extended, reminiscent of Leonard's Vitruvian Man

Playing 20 Questions with Meandr@vatar

EVERYWHERE AND NOWHERE, 5 May — Meandra has asked VR residents to answer 20 questions, about life in virtual worlds, so here goes mine… MEANDRA: 1. Since when and how did you become a SL member? VANEEESA: I was invited by Esparanza Freese to create a performance work for a VR art exhibition her graduate […]

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