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Video frame looking up to sky in Kassel of helicopter transporting large figurative statue

dOCUMENTA (13) Helicopter

KASSEL, 6 June — Even before the drama with Critical Art Ensemble’s dOCUMENTA (13) helicopter rides, our intrepid field reporter Trilby Minotaur was shooting video of helicopters at dOCUMENTA. She wasn’t able to upload from her iPad in Kassel and sent this video to me (VB) on 6 June. I sped the video up, added […]

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Being on the Art Basel Selection Committee Is Hard Work

Originally posted on Gallerist:
(Courtesy Lucy Reynell/Flickr) With the 43rd edition of Art Basel set to open this week, art-market reporter Georgina Adam has written a great piece for the Financial Times about the workings of the fair’s selection committee, the group of dealers that decides the event’s list of exhibitors each year. Since galleries…

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Basel Week Switzerland 2012: Galerie Perrotin

Originally posted on PROE BEATS BLOG:
The preeminent art fair for the world, Art Basel, opens soon in Switzerland with the top galleries and blue chip artists around the world sending in their top work for collectors to peruse. A regular participant is of course Galerie Perrotin, who will be bringing pieces from Daniel Arsham,…

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Art Week in Basel: Schaulager Satellite and Herzog & deMeuron construction

Originally posted on Robins Mail Art. And other things:
Architecture aficionados will find the Messeplatz of this weeks Art Basel to be a special treat. Walking from Downtown Basel towards Messe they will see a new, somewhat organic-looking shape crossing what used to be the open Messeplatz underneath the Messeturm: It is the new Messe…

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Lindsay Lohan lying on the beach in black bikini and sunglasses

Lindsay Lohan’s “First Point” short film

Originally posted on ed and ruby:
Lindsay Lohan and Richard Phillips have again collaborated on a short film entitled First Point which premiered in Switzerland this week.  In the five-minute flick, Lohan takes on the role of a sexy surfer girl who surfs and sunbathes her days away while the paparazzi lens hovers. Co-directed by legendary…

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Trilby Finally Sees Some Art

KASSEL, 8 June — our international artist and European field reporter Trilby Minotaur has sent back another page from her dOCUMENTA (13) graphic novel. Text from page: At Kassel’s Museum of Natural History: Claire Pentecost’s work introduces an alternative monetary system. The Soil-erg is currency made by composting.

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Trilby Minotaur at dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel a week-and-a-half early to set-up


KASSEL, 6 June — Our own real & virtual bookbinder & international artist of mystery is spending the week before the grand opening in Kassel, Germany preparing for dOCUMENTA (13). Here’s the first “page” from her dOCUMENTA (13) “graphic novel” just before all the action gets going:

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Trilby Does dOCUMENTA!

Trilby is leaving for Kassel on Saturday to attend dOCUMENTA 13. She will be blogging it here. Stay tuned.

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