updated: 14 June 2011

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Perform / Document
VB/CO Performances, Flashmobs & Duets are ephemeral artworks performed before a live audience at a given time. The “audience” is often welcome to participate in these “performances,” and depending on the nature of the Flashmob, the “audience” may or may not be aware that it is an audience. Photography, Text & Video are documentation of these works, and make them accessible to a wider public.

Moments, Postcards & Nureyev21 are photographic works.

Field Trips, are just that: visits to other virtual environments and a consideration of the art, culture, and performative possibilities there.

Previz or PreVisualizations are descriptions, detailed or minimal, of possible performance works. Lawrence Weiner famously said The work need not be built, and so even our unrealized Previz can be complete experiences for the reader. Still, the Previz described here are generally imagined as candidates for physical (virtual physical) embodiment as instantiated works.


• Moment M: Paris Naked

• Moment L: Phenomenology I

I want to feel in this world
I whip myself, hard, until I can feel the pain
after an hour, I give up, exhausted

• Moment K: The Impossibility of Explaining Death to a Prim Baby

• Moment J: Living Brush

• Moment I: I Am A Child

• Moment H: Useless Actions for Grieving Blondes

• Moment G: Halloween

• Moment F: Parts

• Moment E: Artists’ Duel Camp

• Moment D: Under My Skin

• Moment C: Heroic

• Moment B: Bee Pollen

• Moment A: Moonlight


Performances | Flashmobs | Duets | Moments | Postcards | Nureyev21 | Field Trips | Previz


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