Tweets, Plurks & Other Cool Dance Moves!

ScreenCap of Christian Marclay YouTube video

The Artistry of Youtube: Artist who use the internet to make work.

There are many contemporary artists currently using the internet as a tool to make work. This type of  art typically explores the identity of a public that has now grown accustomed to being connected to a virtual reality and brings up questions of ownership, accessibility and control. Today I am going to share two artists […]

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World Today: This Looks Safe

Location: Stormwind Characters: Myself (the tree) and a friend. World of Warcraft just received a very fun patch, particularly for Druids. In the game druids are able to transform themselves into cats, bears, lions, cheetahs, stags and even trees. Becoming a tree used to be temporary, but this patch introduced a glyph for perma-tree. My friends and […]

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If Sims Were States

In the bad, old sooty days before methane or carbon monoxide detectors, miners would carry down caged canaries into the dark tunnels with them. If dangerous gases leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners. I’m beginning to believe that Hosoi Ichiba might just be our canary in a coalmine. […]

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1 September – Ironhoof and my epic win

LOCATION: Stangard, Rohan (Lord of the Rings Online) IN PHOTO: Ravanel and Ironhoof, her Prized Isengard War-steed I was able to buy Ironhoof after months of struggling on the hard final boss of the current end-game raid, Saruman (T2). I think he and I express our joy over this epic win much like I did […]

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Yordie Sands @ Japan Chubu - A New Beginning for Hosoi Ichiba 2012

Gemme Six: Hosoi Ichiba’s New Beginning

My first Gemme Six article featured the Hosoi Ichiba sim group. Unlike other games, the places we love are subject to radical change. A couple of weeks ago it looked like this beautiful group of sims would be lost forever when it was announced the sims would be closing within a month. In the days following the announcement, […]

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ScreenCap from Professor Kevin Werbach's Gamification lecture 2.1

Gamification 2 – Games!

PHILADELPHIA, 29 August — I’m not really at the “Virtual Wharton School” but a Coursera’s Online Virtual School, but since the instructor, Kevin Werbach, is from the Wharton School, the Philadelphia dateline seems fitting. Anyway, late August, it’s probably pretty humid there, so “virtual” is “cool.” Today I’m doing Class #2, “Games” You can’t understand […]

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Screen Cap of Professor Kevin Werbach of Wharton Business School teaching Gamification course at Coursera online

Gamification 1 – What is Gamification?

PHILADELPHIA, 27 August — Coursera’s Gamification course, taught by Kevin Werbach of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, starts today. It’s 6 weeks with 2 “units” or “chapters” a week. Each chapter contains a number of short video lectures and other materials. Chapter 1 is What is Gamification? PS: You can still register (free) […]

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26 August 2012, Mr Softee

Mister Softee is an ice cream vendor in Hong Kong. One of my favourite things in Hong Kong is getting a Mister Softee ice cream cone. Here the Mr Softee truck guy is having a break. These trucks are red-white-blue and I am sure hold many nice memories for many Hong Kongers.

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Gemme Six: The Blake Sea – #6

This is the Six of my Gemme Six series. It’s about the Blake Sea but before you think you can’t go boating because of those darned Second Life sim crossings, I want to tell you something wonderful. Role Play in Time A World of Nature & Beauty A New Englander at Heart A Bluesy Kinda Luv Shopping, […]

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Fontbron Academy: Faculty Application

TO: Humane Resources, Fontbron Academy FROM: Vanessa Anne Blaylock RE: Tenure Track Faculty position in Psychopharmacology Dear Humane Resources, Are you still accepting applicants for the TT position in your Psychopharmacology department? I believe I am the ideal candidate for this position and submit this application for your consideration. Further, should this position already be […]

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Montage of V Magazine covers from 2012 featuring Vaneeesa Blaylock on the cover 3 times

Diary #31 – V Magazine

NEW YORK, 2012 — Gallery Xue / NYC is a real, working art gallery, but it also seems to spend a fair bit of its time doubling as a photo studio. I’ve shot 4 V Magazine covers there this year. Click any of the thumbnails above to enter “slide show” mode, and use arrow keys […]

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A Summer Art Trip Around NYC

Hello, it’s Jacque with my first official post! I have lived in New York City for a little under a month now and with Grad school not starting for another week,  I have done my fair share of exploring. Today I will take you around the city, from the posh galleries of Chelsea to the […]

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