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Screenshot of iRez blog on WordPress with WordPress toolbar hilited, indicating that user is logged in

Are you Logged-in?

1. Look for the WordPress toolbar – if you don’t see it, then Login first (way down at bottom of page in lower-right is “Login” button)
2. If you are logged in, then: iRez > New > Post, and type away!


Screen Cap of iRez Blog Home page with areas circled to make a new post

You are? Great! Then start typing! 🙂

To Make a New Post:
1. Go to iRez Blog (haha, you’re sort of there / here now! 🙂
2. Log In if you aren’t already
3. Go to iRez Menu > New > Post
and start typing! 🙂



Fancy Stuff if you want more Options

but don’t look if you’re at all confused! 😀

Screen Cap of iRez Blog Edit window showing how to use "Screen Options" to show or hide pallets

When you use an app like Photoshop, the “Window” menu lets you show and hide many different palettes. The WordPress equivalent is the “Screen Options” tab in the upper right of your window. Just like the Photoshop Window menu, nothing you check here will change your actual Blog Post, instead it shows or hides a Palette that you can use to change stuff.

1. Open Screen Options
2. Check the stuff you wanna use, Uncheck the stuff you don’t.
3. If you CLICK the top bar of any palette it will show / hide the contents. If you click & drag you can put any palette anywhere you like.
4. Click the “Media Tool” to insert a photo

When you’re done click either “Save Draft” or “Publish” on the “Publish” palette (which is out, but folded up in the pix you see, so I’ll have to click it and then hit publish.

Go forth and blog!

Ask if questions!

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