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Screen Cap of WordPress Users Control Panel

You may have noticed that at various places around the blog, like most importantly in the author box at the bottom of every post you make, that some peeps have a “Name” like “Strawberry Singh” and some don’t have a “name” and instead their username, like “trilbym” is displayed. Also some of us have cute icons / avatars like Yordie, and some have little color blobs.

Having a Name & Icon is actually kind of important since it gives our visitors a much stronger feel that they’re in a real place and not just some internet cargo dump. And it’s super-easy to do! 😀

Screen Cap of WordPress Author Grid Widget

When peeps look at our “Author Grid” in the sidebar, they might click regardless of icon because they care about your work, but having Katy’s engaging smile or Berry’s bright red lips is always a little better than being a blue or green blob.

Screen Cap of WordPress "My Profile" settings

From your WordPress Dashboard just click:

3. My Profile

And then whatever you type in 4. 5. 6. is what will be displayed under your post. We’re not Facebook or Google+ and we don’t care if your “name” is the same one that your government uses to collect taxes from you, but it’d still be nice if it was name-like and something visitors could connect to. Same with “Location,” you can put something like “The Hague, NL” or “World of Warcraft” or you could be less specific, like “UK” or “Cyberspace,” it’s totally up to you, but it’s nice to have something.

7. Change Your Gravatar – upload a pix! Easy!

8. Links & Verified Services – the last thing you might want to do, if you scroll down on the “My Profile” page, at the bottom you’ll find “Links” for anything you want, and “Verified Services” for stuff like your profile on Facebook. You don’t have to have any of these, but if someone likes your post and clicks the author box, they’ll see whatever you put here, so if you want them to find your blog or Facebook or email, then you can list it here.

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