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3D MMORPG based in the Star Wars universe

Avatar & Identity Introduction Banner

Avatar & Identity – Introduction

Ever since Vaneeesa invited me over to write a guest post for iRez, I’ve been thinking about what gaming means to me and how to start this damn article. Fact is, I’m a strong believer in online identities, and I believe everyone is expressing themselves in some way or another, even when just playing an […]

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ScreenShot from Star Wars: The Old Republic of a large, pink, scaly critter approaching Ravanel's avatar, who is sitting on the floor of some Star Wars interior

7 August – It’s pink and it bites

LOCATION: Just outside the Spaceport, Corellia (Star Wars: The Old Republic) IN PHOTO: Ravanel Griffon, Gannifari Star Wars players were pleasantly surprised today by a Gannifari in their mailbox. Apparently, this was Bioware’s way of saying thanks for moving our characters to more crowded servers. Despite my concerns about sending pets in lockboxes by mail […]

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ScreenCap from Star Wars: The Old Republic, in front of the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a large tile floor with Ravanel's avatar sitting on the floor and her pet Orokeet facing her

9 July – It’s turquoise and it squeeks

LOCATION: In front of the old Jedi Temple, Coruscant (Star Wars: The Old Republic) IN PHOTO: Ravanel Griffon, Orokeet A chaotic travel through Tatooine, gathering refreshing water and placing a large egg under a construction of solar cells in the desert, ended up with a hatched egg and a big, turquoise bird that follows me […]

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Gimme Six! – Rav’s tour of three worlds

Vaneeesa asked me to join her challenge called Gimme Six: show us your favorite ‘must see’ places and tell us where to find them. Most authors of iRez walk around in Second Life, but my virtual worlds are a bit different, in the sense that they are designed as games. So here’s my mixed selection, […]

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