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Topless at Whole Foods

Project Glass is a glimpse of not-so-distant future. And so is this video clip shot with Blue Mars Mobile. We will soon view the world through an electronic window that seamlessly blends the physical and the virtual, the atomic and the digital. That means we can each be seeing our own private version of our […]

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The Monuments of Virtual Passaic

PASSAIC, NJ, 1967 — For most of my life I have been aware of, and perhaps existed in an uneasy resonance with, Robert Smithson’s 1967 Artforum essay “The Monuments of Passaic,” aka “A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey.” In his legendary essay touring his hometown and contemplating its sites of future […]

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Field Trip Report: Blue Mars

BLUE MARS, 25 September 2010 — Today Tizzers Foxchase led an intrepid group of explorers from the VBCO Travel & Safari Co. on an extensive field trip thru the wonders of Blue Mars. In her trip report, Ironyca wondered about avatar gaze: I think my avatar might have a crush on me! At least she […]

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Close up of a red face and a palette showing how to create that look

Field Trip: Blue Mars

Second Life is, famously, all about “UGC” – User Generated Content; WoW is all about amazing developer made content; Blue Mars tries to split the UGC difference with Developer Class and Consumer Class.

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