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Virtual World Field Trips to WoW, Blue Mars, OS Grid, and Beyond!

FIELD TRIP: Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin

BERLIN, 28 April — Silent since the demise of Blue Mars, the VBCO Travel & Safari Co. launched a field trip to the temporary virtual world of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012 today. 10 started out on the journey and 4 were delivered to the promised land. 4 died quickly at the hands of MacOS 10.5.8 […]

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Field Trip Report: Blue Mars

BLUE MARS, 25 September 2010 — Today Tizzers Foxchase led an intrepid group of explorers from the VBCO Travel & Safari Co. on an extensive field trip thru the wonders of Blue Mars. In her trip report, Ironyca wondered about avatar gaze: I think my avatar might have a crush on me! At least she […]

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Close up of a red face and a palette showing how to create that look

Field Trip: Blue Mars

Second Life is, famously, all about “UGC” – User Generated Content; WoW is all about amazing developer made content; Blue Mars tries to split the UGC difference with Developer Class and Consumer Class.

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Field Trip Report: WoW!

Every time someone new came over from SL, or every time VeeBee got lost, you don’t just “TP me over”… the group has to chill out while somebody runs off to fetch the lost soul. While a bit of a nuisance, this made land and space much more real, much more tangible. You really were in a place, and other places and distances had real meaning.

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Field Trip to WoW

The poll results are in, and you’ve overwhelmingly chosen Alliance: Night Elves as our “race” for our Field Trip to WoW!

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World of Warcraft

Yes, it’s time for the VB Friends field trip to World of Warcraft!

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OS Grid

VB/CO Field trip to OS Grid on Saturday 12 June

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