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Enter Heidegger

Given that I am using a Hermeneutic Phenomenological approach, it must come as no surprise that Heidegger’s work has had a profound impact on my thinking. With that said, I think that his theories on Being (Dasein), especially two of his most basic neologisms used to describe various attitudes towards things in the world,  can […]

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Pride & Prejudice, Dissertation Remix

Given our discussion yesterday on stereotypes and prejudices in SL and other virtual worlds, I thought I’d share this section of my dissertation on the subject. If anything, it gives good references 🙂              Persistence of social norms in virtual identity exploration. Identity and role identification in MUVEs, as argued by Cleland (2008) is malleable in […]

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Pride & Prejudice

Reading Ravanel’s fantastic article on identity in online gaming environments reminded of my initial shock at the RL stereotypes in virtual worlds. As I have previously discussed, I entered SL with little knowledge of the community and found my niche in cultural/educational groups within the virtual world. With that said, I did not come with […]

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Virtual Reality of Theater

I can’t deny that I am a huge fan of Antonin Artaud’s oeuvre, or that his conceptualization of the theater has formed a basis for my thesis on performativity in virtual worlds. Artaud did, after all, more or less coin virtual reality back in the 1930s in his essay The Alchemical Theater: “All true alchemists […]

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Networked Imagination

Reading  Vaneeesa’s interpretation of what is presence in virtual worlds made me think of an article I read a while back (and which thoroughly influenced my research and interest in virtual reality) by Thomas and Brown. While I am applying their concept of presence to virtual environments akin to SL, MMOGs, especially WoW, were the […]

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An Island of Sanity

In the not too distant past, I was watching some old Vanessa Redgrave movies. It all started with some of her films on The Movie Channel, but I went exploring and found my way to a film called Morgan – A Suitable Case for Treatment, a film I’d seen in the very distant past. The reason I […]

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I’ve been pondering how to make research more transparent for a few years now, and I have to say that ever since Vaneeesa put out the idea of using a blog for data collection, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I’m just not sure how the big bad IRB will see it. After all, they […]

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The Art of Presence

Watching Abramović’s “The Artist is Present” made me want to revisit the concept of presence in art, especially in virtual worlds. Presence and immersion have been “hot” topics in virtual reality ever since the inception of the technology – it is, after all, what differentiates “virtual reality” from a two-dimensional desktop experience. There are, however, […]

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Painting of a large group of people in conversation in a large salon

The Virtual Salon

All this talk about Salons and blogs got me thinking about the role of virtual worlds in all of this. Ultimately, most of the learning that occurs in virtual worlds is informal and social in nature; people from different cultures and backgrounds with a common goal, idea, etc. get together and talk. Apart from the […]

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image of Neal Stephenson at Subatai / Clang with developers in the background

Neal Stephenson

SEATTLE, 12 June — Author Neal Stephenson and his 2-year-old Subutai Corporation want to throw away plastic triggers and bring “real” swordsmanship to video gaming. Along the way he seems interested in exploring the future of writing: novels, fiction, etc, in an age of instantaneous networking. The “Clang” project will produce semi-proprietary “user sharable” resources, […]

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How much non-virtual money would you spend on virtual goods?

FOSTER CITY, CA, 31 May — Bailard Institutional’s Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management Division, Sonya Thadhani, reports that the biggest factor in an investor’s willingness to believe in the Virtual Goods Market, which reached US$2 billion in 2011 and is projected to reach US$3 billion in 2012, may be the investor’s age (or youth).

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Eric Whitacre / Virtual Choir

LINCOLN CENTER, 2 April — At the nexus of TED’s elitism, Thomas Kinkade’s populism, Sigfreid & Roy’s beauty, and Ashton Kucher’s charisma, composer Eric Whitacre premiered here tonight Virtual Choir 3 – Water Night. A virtual choir aggregated from 3,746 parts sung by vocalists across the globe and posted as online videos, Water Night is […]

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