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Posts about mixed reality art projects where the virtual and the physical intersect

The Bald and The Beautiful

So in April I was sitting at work in a busy ER and I had an ‘aha’ moment. Right there. I had to stop what I was doing (don’t worry I wasn’t with a patient), find whatever piece of paper was around (normally a yellow post-it note) and write as fast as I could before […]

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Treadmill Desk

Yeah, so… apparently, spending a lot of time “walking” around a virtual world can be good for your avatar… and not so good for your typist. So a few months ago I put together a new computer and new workstation featuring a “treadmill desk.” Do it for the typists, we’d be nothing without them! In […]

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WoW RL Videos

WoW Workshop with artist Aram Bartholl from LagunaArtMuseum And… from the comments below… Ironyca turned me on to another amazing WoW RL Video! 🙂

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