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New forms of “reality” or experience or mediated space in the 21st century

Enter Heidegger

Given that I am using a Hermeneutic Phenomenological approach, it must come as no surprise that Heidegger’s work has had a profound impact on my thinking. With that said, I think that his theories on Being (Dasein), especially two of his most basic neologisms used to describe various attitudes towards things in the world,  can […]

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Pride & Prejudice, Dissertation Remix

Given our discussion yesterday on stereotypes and prejudices in SL and other virtual worlds, I thought I’d share this section of my dissertation on the subject. If anything, it gives good references 🙂              Persistence of social norms in virtual identity exploration. Identity and role identification in MUVEs, as argued by Cleland (2008) is malleable in […]

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Pride & Prejudice

Reading Ravanel’s fantastic article on identity in online gaming environments reminded of my initial shock at the RL stereotypes in virtual worlds. As I have previously discussed, I entered SL with little knowledge of the community and found my niche in cultural/educational groups within the virtual world. With that said, I did not come with […]

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ScreenCap of Prof Kevin Werbach's Gamification course home page on the Coursera website

Gamification with Kevin Werbach

PHILADELPHIA, 27 August — While I won’t be “physically” in Philadelphia to enjoy the summer humidity (my dad used to tell us that as a kid there he’d take a cold shower at 2am so he could actually sleep for another 20 minutes or so) I will be “virtually” hanging out at the legendary Wharton […]

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Virtual Reality of Theater

I can’t deny that I am a huge fan of Antonin Artaud’s oeuvre, or that his conceptualization of the theater has formed a basis for my thesis on performativity in virtual worlds. Artaud did, after all, more or less coin virtual reality back in the 1930s in his essay The Alchemical Theater: “All true alchemists […]

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Ultrasound & Rapid Prototype Mashup

EBISU, TOKYO, 9 August — In iRez’ continuing exploration of the virtually real, the really virtual, and the chain of flowers that is human perception, Tech Crunch’s John Biggs introduces us to Tenshi no Katachi (Shape Of An Angel) a new product from Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies Clinic that mashes up pregnancy ultrasounds with 3D […]

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Cut Up Reality

I don’t know why I’m suddenly so sensitive to the notion of time and reality, but it seems that since I’ve been thinking about virtual reality in terms of time measurements, I’ve been experiencing RL situations a little bit differently. Here’s what I mean – last night, I was at a Dirty Projector concert with […]

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Image of Manifest.AR intervention at Hayward Gallery, London, showing Layar Augmented Reality overlay via smart phone or tablet on top of the physical exhibition space

Embracing the Invisible

Editor’s Note: 5 weeks ago Rafaella Lima wrote a guest post for iRez on the Invisible show at the Hayward Gallery / London. She reviewed the work that was, hmm, “visibly invisible.” Anyone viewing the Invisible show without an Augmented Reality device wouldn’t know that there is also another “Invisible Layar” to the show, courtesy […]

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The Bald and The Beautiful

So in April I was sitting at work in a busy ER and I had an ‘aha’ moment. Right there. I had to stop what I was doing (don’t worry I wasn’t with a patient), find whatever piece of paper was around (normally a yellow post-it note) and write as fast as I could before […]

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Steve Mann Cyber Hate Crime Victim?

Originally posted on
Steve Mann has been wearing a computer vision system for 34 years. The University of Toronto professor is the inventor of Eye Tap, an augmented reality technology that uses laser lights to make the eye function as both a camera and a video display. Mann claims he was assaulted last…

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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Originally posted on thelinoprinter:
Yesterday I visited dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel Germany. dOCUMENTA (13) is an international art festival, featuring contemporary art. It aims to reflect the ‘relationship between art and society’ and often has a political message associated with it. This years theme is space and paradox: “a space of many secrets, a space…

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Screen Cap from Nike "Game On World" video spot

Nike Gamifies… Games!

  BEAVERTON, OR, 29 June — Today Nike, Inc. launched Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training launch. They join existing products Nike+ Running and the Nike+ FuelBand. Nike’s press release states, The campaign launches with two new “Game On, World” films, which feature a video game world made real, reflecting the way NIKE+ combines the world […]

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