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Virtual Orchestras

Van’s proposition to turn my “childhood dreams” into virtual world reality got me really excited. And what do I do when I get excited?!?! My OCD kicks in :). So, I’ve been spending some time looking into virtual world (SL, specifically) orchestras and am amazed at what I’m finding. I’m sure some of you are […]

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My First C☮ncerts

I woke up today and asked myself if everything that happened last week was real or not, because I have sometimes had dreams…like this… As about 2 months ago I got a beautiful letter with snowflakes from Slovakia…in which I was invited to perform there. Though I had only 5 singles out then and others…

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James B. Lansing

Do they rock? That’s like asking if Ferrari’s are fast. — Ogsard Yesterday I wrote about my Treadmill Desk, and I noted that all the elements were bought for building a VR Treadmill Desk / Computer, except the Drawing Table and the JBL LSR4328p Loudspeakers, both of which were pre-existing. The JBL’s are fairly recent, […]

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Hi guys! Check out these cool videos that Vaneeesa sent us links for! The Japanese duo U+UCO wears Bar Code Tats and uses them to trigger sound samples! So cool! 🙂 Here’s their website: Here’s their page on the bar code music: And here’s their MySpace page: — Aero

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Kate Miranda

Vaneeesa left me a long list of people she wanted me to blog about. She said she was sorry she didn’t write it all before she left, but sometimes the astral plane just won’t wait. The very first name on the long list is Kate Miranda. Vaneeesa says Kate is her hero. She met her […]

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John Cage

There is vastly more to the John Cage oeuvre than my knowledge of it, and even my slice of that pie is more than anyone wants to read in this blog, so I will limit myself to a single Cage work, 4:33. For some people a work becomes art because of the difficulty of the […]

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