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Childhood Dreams

Maybe it’s all these great diary posts Van has been doing on her grad school performances, but I’ve been thinking a lot (and missing) the creativity of my more creative years. Don’t get me wrong, I love the academic path I’ve taken, but sometimes I feel like there are way too many rules to obey […]

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ScreenCap from Kristine Schomaker / Gracie Kendal thesis video


Kat just wrote a great post about body identity and stereotypes amongst avatars in SL. It’s funny. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. My work is all about body image, self esteem and how the media unconsciously manipulates us into thinking we want to be thin and model beautiful so we may […]

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Carol Cheh – Perform Chinatown

Originally posted on Another Righteous Transfer!:
Kate Gilbert, Lucy Reviewing this year’s Perform Chinatown for the LA Weekly gave me a chance to reflect a little on the history of the event and the reasons for its various successes and failures. First of all, curatorial vision really matters here. The organizers need to get along…

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You’re A Bumby….Just Not As Cool.

Originally posted on Stylish Piggy:
This is Jill and Gill Bumby. (not their real names) A masked and mute hip duo traveling the party circuit with their typewriters giving brave patrons a “fair and honest appraisal of their appearance”.  You wait in a line until it’s your turn, you stand there awkwardly while a disguised person looks…

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Brian Feldman Follows Me!

WASHINGTON DC, 26 May — Performance artist Brian Feldman is following me. Only me. Well, only me for a day anyway. In his current work Feldman has cut through all the chaos of following hundreds or thousands of people on Twitter and for the month of May, he follows just 1 person for each day […]

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Athena Reich

NEW YORK CITY, 6 April — Singer, songwriter, actress, TV Personality, Lady Gaga impersonator, and arts educator Athena Reich gets us up to speed on Performance Art with a marvelous video series she created a while back for Expert Village. • Athena Reich website • Athena Reich YouTube channel • Expert Village Performance Art videos […]

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Nancy Popp

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — CAA: final event, final day: Performing Space. CHAIR: • Nancy Popp, Independent Artist PRESENTERS: • Sara Daleiden, Otis College of Art & Design • Matt Driggs and Janet Owen, Owen Driggs • Marie Shurkus, Pomona College • Alex Villar, independent artist As the image captions describe, Popp, Daleiden, Driggs, Owen, […]

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Sheryl Oring

LOS ANGELES, February 23 — Sheryl Oring is a typist. I really like typists. Honestly, in my line of work, a typist is sort of your best friend. I say “in my line of work,” I guess I mean, “in my way of being,” since I’m an NCP. No, not an NPC, an NCP. What […]

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Legendary performance artist / navigator of the undiscovered country of the human body Stelarc dropped by SL on Saturday. He performed at the Virtual Stelarc Initiative at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) I was actually unaware of the Virtual Stelarc Initiative (probably too busy being pissed off at […]

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Valentine’s Performance Art

Artist Brian Feldman said his Friday performance-art piece, Brian Feldman Marries Anybody, was intended to show how two complete strangers of opposite sexes can marry in Florida, while a loving same-sex couple does not enjoy the same right, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported.

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In Bed with Eva & Franco Mattes

Eva & Franco Mattes made one of their pilgramages to SL last week. They installed giant appliances at The Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator and performed Pseudo-Futurist Video Game Improvisation Extravaganza, as part of Performa09, Second Life, New York

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VB Previz #20 – Living Brushes

Now it is flesh itself that applies colour to the surface at my instructions. Yves Klein loved blue. In fact he invented and patented his own special blue: IKB – International Klein Blue. He painted a lot of monochromes with this color. In Paris, on 9 March 1960, he decided he no longer needed to […]

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