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ScreenCap of Christian Marclay YouTube video

The Artistry of Youtube: Artist who use the internet to make work.

There are many contemporary artists currently using the internet as a tool to make work. This type of  art typically explores the identity of a public that has now grown accustomed to being connected to a virtual reality and brings up questions of ownership, accessibility and control. Today I am going to share two artists […]

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Romeo & Juliet

Originally posted on wandering apricot:
Do you recognize the impossibly fuzzy dancer in this photo that I took? It is none other than the incomparable Yuan Yuan Tan of the San Francisco Ballet. A fellow balletomane and I attended a pre-performance talk at the Green Room before the evening performance of Romeo & Juliet. Sarah…

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Movement – A Study of Dance Photography

CHROME BROWSER, 12 March — An image search for Martin Munkacsi’s 1933 photograph Mid-morning coffee-break, Berlin turned up not only Munkacsi’s mental-possibility-generating image, but also a feature on viscerally and conceptually inspiring dance images in Mariah Montgomery’s fashion blog Mariah Montgomery / Product Development.

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Rezday Party @Two Fish!

Rezday Party @Two Fish! I just started my SL Dance Club bloggin career a couple days ago, and we already need different categories! There’s the “there all the time” places like Dance Island where Shanna & I have so much fun dancin’ (will blog about them soon) And then there’s “Art Places” where you can […]

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SL has so many groups for little kids. And OMG, the grown-ups around here are SO self-obsessed, they think everything is about them. We need a group for SL Teens! We need to dance more! So we created SLHS! All the cool kids are here. And YOU can join too! I’ve started posting blogs […]

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The Tunaverse!

I’ve been to a few cool dance clubs in the virtual world, and I really wanna go to a lot more! My friends Megumi, Shanna, and I are all Virtual Teens now — giggles — who thought we’d actually survive this long! I’ve known Megumi since we were, like, Virtual 7! Anyway, tonight I finally […]

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Tiny Party

Hi Guys! Okies *giggles* /me looks at ground Here goes So far in my virtual life, I’ve been big: I’ve been little: I’ve even been medium: but until Saturday, I’ve never been: Vaneeesa wrote the other day about the sad end to the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum: IDK much […]

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