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Adventures in Cheerleading (mostly Aero @ SLCS)

photo of Aero in SLHS uniform

VB Previz #56 – Cheer is Life

Aero Bigboots produced Ze Moo’s Rezday Party 2011… and then fell off the face of the virtual earth for much of 2011… but she resurfaced on Wednesday to wish Ze another happy rezday and attend his 2012 party. Although she left her pom-poms at home, Aero did wear her SLCS cheerleader uniform, and… she scared […]

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Graduation Day

“Training on 2/22 was so short, half-hour at most… little did I know… “Panels” would go on for hours! The panel got through Nicole, Alexis, Kitten & Lyric in 3 hours… and then said they were too tired to see Abbie and I. They were too tired! What about poor meeeeee with her stomach tied […]

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Week 3 – The Stage!

Just when I was starting to think I could not screw-up long enough to actually become an SLCS Cheerleader… Week 3 – The Stage! /me *shivers* Srooc sez you can screw up on the stage even worse than with the HUD!!! Oh joy. But scroll thru all my stage screw-ups anyway… so you can see […]

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By The Numbers

This is Sayrah Parx; Sayrah’s been an SLCS Cheerleader for… longer than I’ve been alive!! 😛 Sayrah’s also some kind of scripting genius or something – you know those “height meters” you see here and there that can tell you what your SL height would be IRL? Is that what the tell you? As a […]

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Cheer 401

In addition to the month of Tuesday classes, SLCS trainees have to take a special class called “Cheer 401.” In my first blog about Cheer I showed you the crazy-mazing HUD we use: and Cheer 401 is all about that. You have no idea how scared I was! There are SO many ways to […]

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OMG Art People, please don’t hate me or think I’m crazy, but I decided to try out for SLCS! – The Second Life Cheerleading Squad! Kinda crazy, I know, but it’s SO fun! It actually all started when I wanted a group for teens to dance. Cause I noticed that stoopid adults get all the […]

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