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New Home; Old Home

Hi everyone! We’ve moved! And haven’t! iRez: the virtual identity salon is still at our same “address”, but we’ve changed hosts from to WP Engine. When you type the URL, or search for us, you’ll go straight to the new place. But if you subscribed to iRez in the past, we can’t update […]

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The New Girl

Me in Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies on the Water, 2002 @ the Whitney.  Hello readers! I am Jacque from and I am excited to do some guest posting over here in the salon. But first, a little about myself. Since the moment I picked up my first camera 10 years ago, I have been a photographer. (My […]

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ScreenCap of Chrome Web Browser New Tab Apps with iRez App Circled

iRez @ Chrome Store

THE GOOGLEPLEX, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, 19 August — Hey Chrome users, you can now add iRez to your Chrome App window on your “New Tabs” with a single click at the Chrome Web Store! • iRez @ Chrome Web Store Feel free to write a little review, we’d love your feedback and support!

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iRez on RockMelt

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, 19 August — You have a wonderful lot of web browser choices today — haha, “Mac vs PC?” Who cares! The browser is the new OS! One popular choice today is Google Chrome, and you may know that Google released a large portion of the Chrome source code as the open source […]

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Sepia toned photograph of iRez Virtual Salon authors Vaneeesa Blaylock and Strawberry Singh

Meet The Virtual Salon

THE BLOGOSPHERE, 13 August — Meet Pamela is one of the greatest films never made. It’s the fictional fiction film being made by the fictional real film crew in François Truffaut’s love poem to filmmaking, Day for Night. Today we have Meet iRez, a brief hello to a few of the real people who participate […]

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How 2 Read

The iRez Virtual Salon’s Home Page has all the latest news from our many virtual worlds and cultural conversations. Think of it like a magazine table of contents: from here you can click on whatever interests you. From anywhere, to get back here, just click the title itself “I Rez Therefore I Am” 1. CONTENT […]

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Mark Zuckerberg leaning up against a wall with a bright smile on his face. On the wall is the word "facebook" with an arrow which, in the composition of the photo, points to Zuckerberg

Feeding the Zuck

MENLO PARK, CA, 19 July — Mixed reality artist Kristine Schomaker joined the iRez group of authors today and posted a wonderful report on her “Mixed Reality Haircut” from Saturday. In just a couple of hours the post had already received 33 “likes” on Facebook, and 4 “likes” here on the blog itself. That’s sort […]

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World Today – Update

Remember that we have “Photographers” and “Authors” only because that’s what we thought you might do more of, but “Photographers” are always welcome to “write” a post and “Authors” are always welcome to contribute a “World Today” anytime. The vision for World Today is to have a small group of photographers across the globe, not […]

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Screen Cap of this blog showing menu item to access "Author Help Pages"

Author Help Pages

Greetings iRez Authors! We’ve added a couple new categories on the home page “About” Menu: • Blogging Tips – a selection of posts that might be helpful to any blogger. Mostly pieces from the MMO-NBI (MMO Newbie Blogger Initiative) • Author Help Pages – a few pages that are specifically helpful (haha, we hope 😛 […]

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Screen cap of Wordpress blog page with social sharing icons circled

The Jerry Maguire of Blogs

THE BLOGOSPHERE, 30 June — In the immortal words of Jerry Maguire… no, not those immortal words… the other immortal words of Jerry Maguire, Help Me, Help You I’d like to encourage us to help each other. By sharing links to each other’s posts, we can really get all of our work in front of […]

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Group of authors behind a table

iRez Author Reception Saturday!

NEW NEW YORK, 30 June — Please join us today for hors d’oeuvres & conversation with some of the wonderful people who contribute to the iRez blog. The reception will be at Gallery Xue / NYC in the virtual world of Second Life. S A T U R D A Y – 3 0 J […]

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The Blog and the Salon, Part I

I am by no means an expert on the topics of salons or blogs, but I do know my fair share of French history. I did, after all, study Art History in Paris and have a ravenous appetite for everything and anything early modernist. So my introduction to one of the greatest salons of the […]

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