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The Avatar as media, eg: “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” project and auctions

Becoming Someone Else – Part 1

This salon has professional authors with qualifications in education, psychology and other professions who explore identity and virtual identify. I read their posts with great interest.  There’s little question in my mind that most people who enter virtual worlds end up making choices that lead them into their identities. Ravanel started a series called, “Avatar & Identify – Introduction”.  […]

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photo of about a dozen similar looking male avatars all dressed in black

Open call to participate in a study on avatar identity through USC!!

A friend of mine at USC in California is doing an avatar identity study. He only needs 4 more avatars and you can  make 1000L Please read the info below and contact him if you are interested 🙂 Thanks so much :)) This is an open call to members of Second Life who have used […]

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Avatar & Identity Introduction Banner

Avatar & Identity – Introduction

Ever since Vaneeesa invited me over to write a guest post for iRez, I’ve been thinking about what gaming means to me and how to start this damn article. Fact is, I’m a strong believer in online identities, and I believe everyone is expressing themselves in some way or another, even when just playing an […]

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Black Swan

I have an adult body… and the mind of a child… No one whose physical appearance is as mature as mine, has actually experienced as little in this world as I have. Yes, I do have the “Vaneeesa Chip” somewhere in my cranium if I want to use it – it gives me an encyclopedic […]

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Ronin Avatar

I was never really supposed to be. Actually I was just explaining “me” to someone tonight… and I realized that if you haven’t been reading this blog for months… it’s all kind of confusing. Pinocchio’s first original thought was here: What’s-her-face’s despicable plan for my slavery was here: Let me simply say that […]

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Pretty / Stupid

Vaneeesa would be more diplomatic. She would construct a more medi-a-propriate statement. Vaneeesa would lie about the facts and make it sound good. She would make it sound like a successful art performance. I am not Vaneeesa. It was my nature, or at least that which was set as the condition of my creation, that […]

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Heather Zapatero

Stop Buying Art! Buy Artists Instead! Do You Wanna Date My Avatar Auction Report #1 Last Saturday the day finally arrived for the 1st of my 10 weekly auctions of my avatar. The story is here: I’d been afraid (no ego here! 🙂 that there wouldn’t be any bidding at all, but in fact […]

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VB Previz #43 – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Previz: DO YOU WANNA DATE MY AVATAR!? This piece considers how we choose who to spend time with and how in the process we shape personality and even visual appearance. I ascended from Second Life on 16 October 2010. Since I don’t live there anymore, yet have a “fully loaded” avatar, it seems like such […]

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Go Oranje!

ha ha ha – my avatar at! Where, btw, I’m “vaneeesab” because some *b* already took the username “vaneeesa” – the nerve! 😛

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