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Art Writing: Critics, Curators, etc

The Monster Within

I don’t think that I would be exaggerating if I said that I’ve always loved to write. While I don’t consider myself to be a brilliant writer, I’ve always felt like I could express myself better through writing than any other means. With that said, I’ve been writing what started as little stories based on […]

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Virtual Reality of Theater

I can’t deny that I am a huge fan of Antonin Artaud’s oeuvre, or that his conceptualization of the theater has formed a basis for my thesis on performativity in virtual worlds. Artaud did, after all, more or less coin virtual reality back in the 1930s in his essay The Alchemical Theater: “All true alchemists […]

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pixel Paiked out (part ii)

Here I would like to return to Paik’s meeting with Charlotte Moorman. One of the chapters in the Tate/Paik catalogue deals with Charlotte Moorman and her role in Paik’s work… The essay is, by Joan Rothfuss –  ‘The Ballad of Nam June and Charlotte’: A Revisionist History   Below is an edited version of the […]

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pixel Paiked out (part i)

In the most visual-cortexical-stimulating way possible (without resorting to chemical abuse)  …but I did chill to Zen for Film… OK… when Vaneeesa suggested I ‘do a little blog post for I Rez on the Nam June Paik show’  last year,  I first hesitated… and thought well I should at least try… so here at last […]

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Making lists (PVG – BHX)

Originally posted on Rachel Marsden's Words:
I’m coming back to the UK tomorrow for a little while…for an undefined period at the moment (no longer than a month I think) to have a well-deserved break and to catch up on a little UK work. During the weeks running up to this, I’ve been having…

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You Need to Read This Book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Originally posted on Words Can Break Hearts:
I haven’t done a book review in a while, but when I picked up this book I knew I had to write about it… After reading a string of disappointing books and generally feeling unenthused about all fiction I suddenly came to find ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS…

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concept image of giant Nike whoosh sculpture in the Karlsplatz, Vienna, from Eva & Franco Mattes "fake" project Nike Ground

Attribution Art

STOLEN PROPERTY VAULT, YOUR VIRTUAL TOWN, 16 March — Italian contemporary art critic and curator Domenico Quaranta has a recent post on Artpulse, “Eva & Franco Mattes: Attribution Art?” wherein he interviews the many “victims” of the Mattes art thefts. I’ve stolen from the Mattes myself, and I have to admit, I do love the […]

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