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Posts featuring open source virtual content available at web-based marketplaces

Eloh Eliot Surfaces Briefly

THE METAVERSE, 17 June — Legendary Open Source Avatar Skin designer Eloh Eliot surfaced briefly today. So briefly that if it was anyone else it probably wouldn’t even be worth reporting, but for this reporter there isn’t a more important person in The Metaverse. If Philip Rosedale’s insight was the power of UGC, then Eliot’s […]

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Treadmill Desk

Yeah, so… apparently, spending a lot of time “walking” around a virtual world can be good for your avatar… and not so good for your typist. So a few months ago I put together a new computer and new workstation featuring a “treadmill desk.” Do it for the typists, we’d be nothing without them! In […]

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Villa on Marketplace

The VB/CO Villa from VB28 – The Seniors Project is now available free (L$0) on Marketplace.SL Since the performance I’ve made 2 additions: a balcony atop the southern colonnade, and a slightly-more-modern-than-Roman, but still very useful, treadmill desk: VB28 – The Seniors Project @VB/CO Villa, Biscuit Bay, An Li Saturday 18 June 2011 Performance […]

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Morning Coffee Challenge

In the world of your choice, snap a photo of yourself having a morning cup of coffee (wearing pajamas, standing at the sink, and gazing out the kitchen window is a nice way to go, but not required) and submit it to the group “Morning Coffee Challenge on flickr

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Open Source Vaneeesa

Saying that my avatar is Creative Commons Attribution doesn’t really mean much if I don’t make the source files available, so here you go…

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