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If Sims Were States

In the bad, old sooty days before methane or carbon monoxide detectors, miners would carry down caged canaries into the dark tunnels with them. If dangerous gases leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners. I’m beginning to believe that Hosoi Ichiba might just be our canary in a coalmine. […]

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A Summer Art Trip Around NYC

Hello, it’s Jacque with my first official post! I have lived in New York City for a little under a month now and with Grad school not starting for another week,  I have done my fair share of exploring. Today I will take you around the city, from the posh galleries of Chelsea to the […]

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Hello, my name is….

….Krista, and I’m an installation artist/gamer from the midwest.  Many a snowy night has been spent in what I (affectionately) call “the land of corn,” questing and raiding in World of Warcraft.  Only recently has my gaming life intersected with my art life, due largely in part to the inspiring work by everyone here at […]

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Rachel Marsden – Paper Sculpture

Originally posted on Rachel Marsden's Words:
A couple of Wednesday morning creative finds. I’ll be blogging a few times today to share recent adventures, discoveries and Rachel’s general thoughts. Today is one of the first days since I’ve been back in the UK where I haven’t got any appointments, I haven’t got to go…

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Olympic Graffiti

LONDON, 24 July — with the opening ceremonies of the Games of the XXX Olympiad just 73 hours away now, and with the International Olympic Committee cracking down on unauthorized “Olympic Brand” logo usage, Mark Kaufman at Illustration Age gives us a brief tour of Olympic Graffiti here in London.

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Staring at Nothing: ‘Invisible’ Expands Perceptions of Art

Guest Post by: Rafaella Lima I imagine that walking into the current Invisible exhibition at London’s Hayward Gallery is a little like what walking into French avant-garde artist Yves Klein’s Le Vide or “The Void” in Paris back in 1958 would have been. For that piece, officially titled The Specialization of Sensibility in the Raw […]

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How Public Art Can Activate Public Space

Originally posted on #artsmgtchat:
This week, we are discussing “Arts & Its Role in Urban Planning and Renewal” on #artsmgtchat, and thought this would be a great resource to share ahead of the conversation. Public Space, Public Art & Public Life is a panel discussion that explores the interplay between art and architecture in urban spaces. The…

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Un-Space Ground flier

Un-Space Ground

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — Un-Space Ground: The Unvisited, Unnamed, and Uninhabited Empty Areas beneath the Normally-Used Parts of the Urban Landscape. A live site-specific public performance event curated by Ed Woodham, Art In Odd Places (NYC) and Deborah Oliver, Irrational Exhibits (LA) I don’t have any real data on CAA demographics, but just as […]

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Where is Public Space?

If you have to push a door to get inside, it’s not public. LOS ANGELES, February 25 — The final day of CAA had two simultaneous panels that I was really interested in: Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Place Making, Part II and Art in the Public Realm: Activism & Interventions […]

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Public Art in the Virtual Sphere

LOS ANGELES, February 23 — CAA Panel: Public Art Dialog: Public Art in the Virtual Sphere During this panel John Craig Freeman told a story, the most remarkable testament to Augmented Reality (AR) as an art & culture medium that I’ve ever heard: During the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, protesters created “The Goddess of […]

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Border Memorial Field Test and Documentation

Originally posted on John Craig Freeman:
On Tuesday, January 16th, after three days of driving from New England, I arrived in Benson Arizona, which put me on the shore of the Border Memorial database. I spent the next two days driving throughout southern Arizona documenting as many of the individual data points as possible. The…

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Good Grief

Mila Kunis was not impressed when her presenting partner Justin Timberlake declared at the 2011 Academy Awards, “I’m Banksy.” Apparently even the man who “brought sexy back”… not cool enough to be the world’s greatest living artist…. What do Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and for that matter, Mark Zuckerberg, have in common? They changed the world… without […]

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