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Image of Marissa Mayer in front of a map

Marissa Mayer

SUNNYVALE, CA, 16 July — 8 hours after reporting that long-time executive and Google Employee #20, Marissa Mayer, had just been appointed Yahoo CEO, Tech Crunch’s Colleen Taylor now reports that Mayer has just, as far as anyone knows, become the first Fortune 500 Tech CEO to announce that she’s pregnant. Tomorrow will be Mayer’s […]

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Virginia Heffernan

CAMBRIDGE, MA, 27 March — Harvard English Literature PhD, former New York Times columnist, and current Yahoo! News correspondent Virginia Heffernan returned to her alma matter today to address a group at the Nieman Journalism Lab on the topic of The Internet, digital culture, and her upcoming book, Magic and Loss: The Pleasures of the […]

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Word Viruses and Other Pre-Recordings

Not surprisingly, my favorite writer of all times is William Burroughs. I went so far as to pretend that I was writing my dissertation on his work (I can always argue that he was a pioneer of virtual reality – I’ve noticed that most people writing dissertations on multi-user virtual environments are fans of Burroughs) […]

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Caitlin Upton

PASADENA, 24 August 2007 — At the Miss Teen USA Pageant held here tonight, finalist Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, gave what Wikipedia called a “rambling and unstructured response” to an impromptu question. Her response was sufficiently “unstructured” that YouTube clips of it received 54 million views and the World Stupidity Awards gave […]

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Nastia Liukin

SAN JOSE, 1 July — Reigning Olympic Gymnastic All-Around Gold Medalist Anastasia Valeryevna “Nastia” Liukin will not be competing in the London Games. This outcome was dramatically punctuated here tonight when she fell flat on her face on the uneven parallel bars, an apparatus that she had, four years earlier in Beijing, owned. While it […]

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Previz #67 – Charlotte, Forever

As much as I love Marina Abramovic, Charlotte Moorman holds a special place in my heart. She did, after all, inspire me to pick up the cello at the tender age of 5 – yes, my mother is a total hippie lol. My first cello recital, to the dismay of my classmates and kindergarten teacher, […]

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Oh Marina!

Is it just me or is anyone else really excited about seeing “The Artist is Present” on HBO? Ok, so it’s not really the thought of *seeing* it that excites me, but the fact that it is being shown in a setting other than a dingy little theater and seen by 2 hipsters. Or, on […]

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Montage of Senator Bayh with Purdue athletes and Alan Turing portrait illustration.

Alan Turing & Title IX

BLETCHLEY PARK / WASHINGTON DC, 23 June — Today is British mathematician Alan Turing’s 100th birthday! Today is American law Title IX’s 40th anniversary! Today is an extraordinary day in Civil Rights history! Perhaps no single human being sits at the nexus of 2012’s culture and technology moment more completely than Alan Turing. As one […]

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A Biography of Randa Abdel-Fattah

Originally posted on CSUF YA Book Reviews:
By Michelle Allen, Anna Avalos, Hanna Jang, Andrea Lozano, and Morgan Waite-Bjornberg Randa Abdel-Fattah, an Australian born in Sydney and raised in Melbourne, is half Palestinian and half Egyptian. She was brought up Muslim and takes great pride in her beliefs. She attended a Catholic primary school…

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Thomas Kinkade, dead at 54

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, 6 April — Thomas Kinkade, “The Painter of Light” died today of unknown, and apparently natural causes at his home in Los Gatos, CA. He reportedly sold over 10 million works in the United States and was hanging in 1 in 20 American homes. Loved by the public, scorned by critics, Kinkade […]

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Who Is Your Hero?

Originally posted on A Passion for Virtual Fashion:
Yesterday I found out one of my heroes died. Anthony Shadid was a foreign correspondent for the New York Times, based in the Middle East. He was a nice guy who was of Lebanese descent, and he grew up in Oklahoma City. He went to college in…

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James B. Lansing

Do they rock? That’s like asking if Ferrari’s are fast. — Ogsard Yesterday I wrote about my Treadmill Desk, and I noted that all the elements were bought for building a VR Treadmill Desk / Computer, except the Drawing Table and the JBL LSR4328p Loudspeakers, both of which were pre-existing. The JBL’s are fairly recent, […]

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