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Gracee's 5th Rez Day in Second Life 2012 by Yordie Sands

Becoming Someone Else – Part 2

Second Life can be like MMORPG games in many regards, there are “players” who role play exclusively. There are regions that have training and rules for role play, even combat, but many SL players don’t see themselves as players at all. In fact, this is a dividing line for some, they refuse to be anyone other than the […]

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Becoming Someone Else – Part 1

This salon has professional authors with qualifications in education, psychology and other professions who explore identity and virtual identify. I read their posts with great interest.  There’s little question in my mind that most people who enter virtual worlds end up making choices that lead them into their identities. Ravanel started a series called, “Avatar & Identify – Introduction”.  […]

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On being delightful…

“Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.” ~Lady Gaga In a month, I will be 6 years old in Second Life. It just floors me how fast time has flown. As I get older (in both RL and SL) I keep thinking about […]

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ScreenCap of Christian Marclay YouTube video

The Artistry of Youtube: Artist who use the internet to make work.

There are many contemporary artists currently using the internet as a tool to make work. This type of  art typically explores the identity of a public that has now grown accustomed to being connected to a virtual reality and brings up questions of ownership, accessibility and control. Today I am going to share two artists […]

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Pride & Prejudice, Dissertation Remix

Given our discussion yesterday on stereotypes and prejudices in SL and other virtual worlds, I thought I’d share this section of my dissertation on the subject. If anything, it gives good references 🙂              Persistence of social norms in virtual identity exploration. Identity and role identification in MUVEs, as argued by Cleland (2008) is malleable in […]

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Pride & Prejudice

Reading Ravanel’s fantastic article on identity in online gaming environments reminded of my initial shock at the RL stereotypes in virtual worlds. As I have previously discussed, I entered SL with little knowledge of the community and found my niche in cultural/educational groups within the virtual world. With that said, I did not come with […]

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The right question

I need your help. I am putting together a real life performance using Second Life and I would love to run it  by all of you and get  your feedback. Vaneeesa and I have been talking about it in email and I have gotten some great advice, but I decided to open this up for […]

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The Monster Within

I don’t think that I would be exaggerating if I said that I’ve always loved to write. While I don’t consider myself to be a brilliant writer, I’ve always felt like I could express myself better through writing than any other means. With that said, I’ve been writing what started as little stories based on […]

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Open call for avatars for “Second Skin” a performance art piece

This is an open call for avatars. I am putting on a Second Life > Real Life performance on Saturday August 18th from 6-9pm slt. The performance is called “Second Skin” and is being held in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 from 6-9pm slt and in Second Life simultaneously. I am […]

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Team Paglia

Kris’s inclusion of a quote by Naomi Wolf in her last post (see “This is my body!”) immediately made me think of good old Camille Paglia. Like I said in a comment to Kris’s post, I am not the biggest fan of Wolf’s. While I am not entirely “Team Paglia” either, I can somehow relate […]

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This is my body!!

I have been completely exhausted lately, so haven’t had a chance to post anything. I am so thankful that the conversation about beauty and identity continue through the other great bloggers here. I am inspired by the brilliant review of the book “50 Shades of Gray” to do a pictorial blog post. While I don’t […]

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What Would Cindy Sherman Do?

While I have been focusing on Marcel Duchamp and/or Rrose Selavy for the last couple of days to illustrate (for lack of a better word) my ideas on identity in virtual worlds, the work of Cindy Sherman crept up in my sub consciousness earlier today. I mentioned in my post earlier today that Rrose Selavy […]

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