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Our Global Snapshot – Pix from around the world, Today!

World Today: “I’m a Fun Guy”

Location: Algonquin Provincial Park I’m a big fan of small worlds. I love photography of tiny things and tiny places. And no, I’m not a “guy”, but a friend of mine has a T-shirt with the phrase “I’m a Fun Guy” along with pictures of mushrooms. It’s very cute. 🙂

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World Today: This Looks Safe

Location: Stormwind Characters: Myself (the tree) and a friend. World of Warcraft just received a very fun patch, particularly for Druids. In the game druids are able to transform themselves into cats, bears, lions, cheetahs, stags and even trees. Becoming a tree used to be temporary, but this patch introduced a glyph for perma-tree. My friends and […]

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1 September – Ironhoof and my epic win

LOCATION: Stangard, Rohan (Lord of the Rings Online) IN PHOTO: Ravanel and Ironhoof, her Prized Isengard War-steed I was able to buy Ironhoof after months of struggling on the hard final boss of the current end-game raid, Saruman (T2). I think he and I express our joy over this epic win much like I did […]

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26 August 2012, Mr Softee

Mister Softee is an ice cream vendor in Hong Kong. One of my favourite things in Hong Kong is getting a Mister Softee ice cream cone. Here the Mr Softee truck guy is having a break. These trucks are red-white-blue and I am sure hold many nice memories for many Hong Kongers.

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Fiona Blaylock and Vaneeesa Blaylock dancing at Club Rebublik in Second Life

19 August – Fiona & Club Republik

NU REPUBLIK, 19 Aug — With Olympic world harmony already a thing of the past, we return to geopolitical musical chairs: Sweden condemns Russia for sending Pussy Riot to prison for 2 years for “Upsetting the social order,” and Russia condemns the UK for threatening to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy so they can send Julian […]

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11 August

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ScreenShot from World of Warcraft, Avatar Viya, lies unconscious next to a giant, angry Naga.

August 7 – Day 1

Location: Vashj’ir, World of Warcraft In Photo: Viya, having been knocked unconscious and dragged away by an angry Naga. Having bit the bullet and begun questing in the game again, Viya was promptly smashed on the head and physically removed from the site. Even though I have been through this on not one but two characters in the […]

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ScreenShot from Star Wars: The Old Republic of a large, pink, scaly critter approaching Ravanel's avatar, who is sitting on the floor of some Star Wars interior

7 August – It’s pink and it bites

LOCATION: Just outside the Spaceport, Corellia (Star Wars: The Old Republic) IN PHOTO: Ravanel Griffon, Gannifari Star Wars players were pleasantly surprised today by a Gannifari in their mailbox. Apparently, this was Bioware’s way of saying thanks for moving our characters to more crowded servers. Despite my concerns about sending pets in lockboxes by mail […]

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2 August — Day 25

If you’re looking for a calm and relaxing place in Second Life, Chris Lorraine Sofee‘s island in the sky is as hard to beat as it’s hard to find. Once inside the house, climb the stairs up to the roof to reach this enchanted meadow. It’s a creation that makes a masterful use of transparencies […]

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1 August — Day 24

That’s Kikas trying out one of our unconventional “instant scenes” on top of an undescribable structure inside Eupalinos Ugajin’s unorthodox Kou! installation in Second Life, where we’re preparing a hopefully unbelievable party with him and some other friends. And that’s enough unusualness for the moment…

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30 July – Day 23

Yesterday the news reached us of the passing of Chris Marker, aged 91, considered one of the most influential filmmakers ever. In his eighties, while proclaiming the death of cinema, Marker joined Second Life (through an avatar named Sergei Murasaki) in order to explore its possibilities as an artistic medium. Here’s a great quote by […]

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29 July — Day 22

I’d say Alpha Auer is the most creative clothing designer in Second Life, she pushes the limits of virtual fashion like no one else does. But Alpha Auer is just one of the several avatars of Elif Ayiter, “a designer and a researcher” in real life, a truly extraordinary virtual artist. Her sim Alpha Tribe, […]

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