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Homecoming Queen Smackdown! Last Princess Standing Gets the Tiara!

Butter My Butt

BISCUIT BAY, AN LI — At noon SLT on Saturday 20 November 2010 the Butter My Butt Gallery opens with it’s inaugural exhibition “Ice Princesses.” Started as a Second Life High School princess catfight between anorexic hater Trill Zapatero and suicidal emo girl Vaneeesa Blaylock, the photo contest has been expanded to a grid-wide Tiara […]

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Homecoming Queen

Hi Everybody, Vaneeesa must be getting kind of bored in her virtual afterlife, the frequency of her postcards seems to be increasing. Well, anyway, apparently Van and Trill are having a little fuss over who gets to be SL High’s Homecoming Queen. IDK if there’s a corporeality requirement for Queen, but I’m not asking Van […]

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