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Ally Sheedy as Stephanie Speck and the robot Number Five in the 1986 film Short Circuit

Future Now: Short Circuit

DAMON, WASHINGTON, 9 May 1986 — Today an advanced robot, “Number Five,” escaped the grounds of its maker, Nova Laboratories, and found its way to the home of animal rescue activist Stephanie Speck. Short Circuit is quite possibly the dumbest film I have ever loved, but make no mistake about it, I do love this […]

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Side by side headshots of actor Valorie Curry and Playstation 3 / Quantic Dream character Kara

Future Now: K A R A

SAN FRANCISCO, 7 March — Today at the Game Developers Conference, Quantic Dream’s David Cage unveiled their new concept work, “KARA.” Apparently inspired by Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity is Near, KARA is not a project in development, but an exploration of creating more “realistic” game actors. I want to live, I’m begging you The […]

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Title Frame from Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo's new film Sight. Image is of the title, "Sight" and a close up of a man's face, where his eyes seem to have some sort of "active architecture"

Future Now: Sight

YOUR RETINA, 29 July — Yordie had such a wonderful time watching Bruce Branit’s 2008 World Builder, but as Darth Maul warned us, the dystopian works definitely seem to outnumber the utopian ones, so for my nomination today, we have something a little darker, and also newer, World Builder was 4 years ago, here from […]

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Poster art for iRez "Future Now Film Festival" with graphic type superimposed over a "technicolor" photograph of Xue Faith performing in VB34 Net / Work

Future Now Film Festival!

IMPERIAL SENATE, GALACTIC CITY, CORUSCANT, 28 July — Darth Maul taps the microphone and says casually, “Is this thing on?” then recoils and turns redder at the feedback now reverberating throughout the senate chamber. Approaching the microphone, more lightly, a second time, he begins to speak, As you all are aware by now, Anakin wimped […]

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