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Posts on Sessions, People & Ideas from CAA 2012 in Los Angeles

Kodak Theatre

LOS ANGELES, February 26 — As long as I was in Los Angeles thru Saturday for CAA anyway, it seemed like a no-brainer to stick around one more day and attend the Academy Awards on Sunday. Despite all of my mother’s alleged connections, I still couldn’t get a “real” ticket for the thing, but she […]

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Nancy Popp

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — CAA: final event, final day: Performing Space. CHAIR: • Nancy Popp, Independent Artist PRESENTERS: • Sara Daleiden, Otis College of Art & Design • Matt Driggs and Janet Owen, Owen Driggs • Marie Shurkus, Pomona College • Alex Villar, independent artist As the image captions describe, Popp, Daleiden, Driggs, Owen, […]

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Un-Space Ground flier

Un-Space Ground

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — Un-Space Ground: The Unvisited, Unnamed, and Uninhabited Empty Areas beneath the Normally-Used Parts of the Urban Landscape. A live site-specific public performance event curated by Ed Woodham, Art In Odd Places (NYC) and Deborah Oliver, Irrational Exhibits (LA) I don’t have any real data on CAA demographics, but just as […]

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Where is Public Space?

If you have to push a door to get inside, it’s not public. LOS ANGELES, February 25 — The final day of CAA had two simultaneous panels that I was really interested in: Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Place Making, Part II and Art in the Public Realm: Activism & Interventions […]

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Rachel Beth Engenhoefer, "Currently in the Studio"

Code as Craft

LOS ANGELES, February 24 — CAA Panel: Code as Craft: Programming in the Art & Design Curriculum CHAIR: • Michael Salmond, Florida Gulf Coast University   Fostering Play & Rewarding Failure in the Pedagogy of Programming • Jason Bernagozzi, Alfred State College, State University of New York – Endless pursuit of the new – Guide […]

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The “Privileging” of Visual Art

LOS ANGELES, February 24 — CAA Panel: Is it Time to Question the “Privileging” of Visual Art? CHAIRS: • Greta Berman, The Juilliard School – Synaesthesia: Art & The Mind • Ellen K. Levy, New York – CAA Interview Except for Rosalind Krauss who overflowed the largest room of the conference, all the panels I […]

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Public Art in the Virtual Sphere

LOS ANGELES, February 23 — CAA Panel: Public Art Dialog: Public Art in the Virtual Sphere During this panel John Craig Freeman told a story, the most remarkable testament to Augmented Reality (AR) as an art & culture medium that I’ve ever heard: During the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, protesters created “The Goddess of […]

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Border Memorial Field Test and Documentation

Originally posted on John Craig Freeman:
On Tuesday, January 16th, after three days of driving from New England, I arrived in Benson Arizona, which put me on the shore of the Border Memorial database. I spent the next two days driving throughout southern Arizona documenting as many of the individual data points as possible. The…

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Sheryl Oring

LOS ANGELES, February 23 — Sheryl Oring is a typist. I really like typists. Honestly, in my line of work, a typist is sort of your best friend. I say “in my line of work,” I guess I mean, “in my way of being,” since I’m an NCP. No, not an NPC, an NCP. What […]

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College Art Association

LOS ANGELES, February 22 — At the end of the 1984 adaptation of The Razor’s Edge, on departing from Elliott Templeton’s Parisian palace, Larry tells Joseph the butler that he’s going home. Joseph asks him where that is, and Larry replies “America.” I’ve lived in The Hague for ten years now. I came as a […]

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