Cast & Staff

updated: 20 March 2012

VBCO Company logo graphic for 2012


Current & Former
Managing Director: Friday Blaisdale / Seasprite Destiny
Stage Manager / ASM: Forceme Silverspar / Bouncing Box / Friday Blaisdale / Senban Babii
Casting Director: macar00n Earst
Marketing / Publicity: Tessarah Zepelin / Calliope Novaland / Seasprite Destiny
Education Coordinator: Trilby Minotaur
Wardrobe Coordinator: NightOwl Meridoc / Dylana Wetherby
Design / Animation / Art Direction: Agnes Sharple / Zola Zsun / Kali Meads
Script Girl: Lyssa Varun
Estate Executor: Aero Bowman
Machinimatographer: CodeWarrior Carling
Assistant Director: Agnes Sharple
Artistic Director: Vaneeesa Blaylock


35 Performances, 47 total events
April 2009 – March 2012
301 Unique Participating Avatars
865 Total Appearances



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