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Ultrasound & Rapid Prototype Mashup

EBISU, TOKYO, 9 August — In iRez’ continuing exploration of the virtually real, the really virtual, and the chain of flowers that is human perception, Tech Crunch’s John Biggs introduces us to Tenshi no Katachi (Shape Of An Angel) a new product from Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies Clinic that mashes up pregnancy ultrasounds with 3D […]

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Olympic Condoms

LONDON, 1 August — Yes, How many condoms does it take to run an Olympic Games? is the correct question to the Jeopardy answer: 100,000, because 70,000 in Sydney wasn’t enough.

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Rachel Marsden – Paper Sculpture

Originally posted on Rachel Marsden's Words:
A couple of Wednesday morning creative finds. I’ll be blogging a few times today to share recent adventures, discoveries and Rachel’s general thoughts. Today is one of the first days since I’ve been back in the UK where I haven’t got any appointments, I haven’t got to go…

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Olympic Graffiti

LONDON, 24 July — with the opening ceremonies of the Games of the XXX Olympiad just 73 hours away now, and with the International Olympic Committee cracking down on unauthorized “Olympic Brand” logo usage, Mark Kaufman at Illustration Age gives us a brief tour of Olympic Graffiti here in London.

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Alex Konczal

Originally posted on I Stack Rocks:
Went to the beach at fort williams with my little brother today and did this. I’ve done three stacks recently that fell before I could photograph them, so I took some photos of this one midway through the process, just as insurance against another disaster. I started out with…

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Carol Cheh – Perform Chinatown

Originally posted on Another Righteous Transfer!:
Kate Gilbert, Lucy Reviewing this year’s Perform Chinatown for the LA Weekly gave me a chance to reflect a little on the history of the event and the reasons for its various successes and failures. First of all, curatorial vision really matters here. The organizers need to get along…

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Los Angeles Berlin Fashioning Fashion

Originally posted on Unframed The LACMA Blog:
Two years since the debut of Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700–1915 at LACMA, the exhibition, which explored the changes in fashionable dress spanning two centuries, is again on view in Berlin at the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) until July 29. Though the installations at both LACMA…

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Steve Mann Cyber Hate Crime Victim?

Originally posted on
Steve Mann has been wearing a computer vision system for 34 years. The University of Toronto professor is the inventor of Eye Tap, an augmented reality technology that uses laser lights to make the eye function as both a camera and a video display. Mann claims he was assaulted last…

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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Originally posted on thelinoprinter:
Yesterday I visited dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel Germany. dOCUMENTA (13) is an international art festival, featuring contemporary art. It aims to reflect the ‘relationship between art and society’ and often has a political message associated with it. This years theme is space and paradox: “a space of many secrets, a space…

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Image of Marissa Mayer in front of a map

Marissa Mayer

SUNNYVALE, CA, 16 July — 8 hours after reporting that long-time executive and Google Employee #20, Marissa Mayer, had just been appointed Yahoo CEO, Tech Crunch’s Colleen Taylor now reports that Mayer has just, as far as anyone knows, become the first Fortune 500 Tech CEO to announce that she’s pregnant. Tomorrow will be Mayer’s […]

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image of Susan Crawford

Human Rights on the Internet

Reblogged from Susan Crawford, The Blog The Human Rights Council of the UN has adopted a resolution supporting the equivalency of human rights online and offline – “in particular, freedom of expression, which is applicable regardless of frontiers and through any media of one’s choice.” The Council is calling on all states to promote and […]

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Milena Berman – Karlsaue Park without a map

Originally posted on THEDOCUMENTATION:
My tip on visiting Karlsaue Park: One might begin a Karlsaue tour at the baroque Orangerie, to view the work of Jeronimo Voss, Eternity through the Stars. Voss’ installation is composed of two parts, one at the planetarium and one in the Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics of the Orangerie. The artist works…

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