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Image of Manifest.AR intervention at Hayward Gallery, London, showing Layar Augmented Reality overlay via smart phone or tablet on top of the physical exhibition space

Embracing the Invisible

Editor’s Note: 5 weeks ago Rafaella Lima wrote a guest post for iRez on the Invisible show at the Hayward Gallery / London. She reviewed the work that was, hmm, “visibly invisible.” Anyone viewing the Invisible show without an Augmented Reality device wouldn’t know that there is also another “Invisible Layar” to the show, courtesy […]

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pixel Paiked out (part ii)

Here I would like to return to Paik’s meeting with Charlotte Moorman. One of the chapters in the Tate/Paik catalogue deals with Charlotte Moorman and her role in Paik’s work… The essay is, by Joan Rothfuss –  ‘The Ballad of Nam June and Charlotte’: A Revisionist History   Below is an edited version of the […]

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pixel Paiked out (part i)

In the most visual-cortexical-stimulating way possible (without resorting to chemical abuse)  …but I did chill to Zen for Film… OK… when Vaneeesa suggested I ‘do a little blog post for I Rez on the Nam June Paik show’  last year,  I first hesitated… and thought well I should at least try… so here at last […]

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Nathan Shafer holding iPhone running AR app that shows the former extent of the now receded glacier behind it

Kickstarter: Nathan Shafer

AR in AK Guest Post by Nathan Shafer There are just a few hours left to pledge to literally the coolest AR piece in the world! And by cool we mean glacial! I am in the process of virtually reconstructing the former termini at Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. That is right outside […]

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An introduction and piece of slam poetry!

Hello! My name is Hanna.  I’m a fifteen-year-old writer and photographer.  Vanessa requested that I record a video of a piece of slam poetry I wrote so it could be posted on here, and so here I am.   The poem in text is below. Enjoy! 🙂   few fourth graders have many kind words […]

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Staring at Nothing: ‘Invisible’ Expands Perceptions of Art

Guest Post by: Rafaella Lima I imagine that walking into the current Invisible exhibition at London’s Hayward Gallery is a little like what walking into French avant-garde artist Yves Klein’s Le Vide or “The Void” in Paris back in 1958 would have been. For that piece, officially titled The Specialization of Sensibility in the Raw […]

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