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The 99% 99 L$ Shop is Open!

Sneakers, boots and freebies (more coming) avalable at the 99% 99 L$ shop. Everything is 99 L$ or free. Adress: All proseeds goes to SLLU/RAWA Adress: Yay!

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Laugh Out Loud!

Today I want to look closer on the “phenomenon” LOL. I believe it’s the most commonly used term in SL and virtual communication. LOL as in laugh(ing) Out Loud, can also mean Lots Of Love or Lots Of Luck. I believe that laughing out loud can lead to lots of luck and/or love. Does it matter […]

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Bitches, Feminism & Pussypower

I`ve often wondered why so many women refer to themself as bitches. Since when exactly did it become so popular and cool to be a bitch? I asked Wikipedia for a definition of the word “bitch” and here`s some of the things it came up with: Wiki: The word “bitch”, literally meaning a female dog. […]

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