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World Today: “I’m a Fun Guy”

Location: Algonquin Provincial Park I’m a big fan of small worlds. I love photography of tiny things and tiny places. And no, I’m not a “guy”, but a friend of mine has a T-shirt with the phrase “I’m a Fun Guy” along with pictures of mushrooms. It’s very cute. 🙂

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World Today: This Looks Safe

Location: Stormwind Characters: Myself (the tree) and a friend. World of Warcraft just received a very fun patch, particularly for Druids. In the game druids are able to transform themselves into cats, bears, lions, cheetahs, stags and even trees. Becoming a tree used to be temporary, but this patch introduced a glyph for perma-tree. My friends and […]

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VR Pets: Singing Sunflower

Pet: Singing Sunflower Within World of Warcraft there is a minigame – Lawn of the Dead. This is rather clearly based off of Plants VS Zombies, a wildly popular tower defence style game. After playing LotD through a few levels of difficulty you are awarded with Brazie’s Sunflower Seeds, which teach the Singing Sunflower. This is one […]

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ScreenShot from World of Warcraft, Avatar Viya, lies unconscious next to a giant, angry Naga.

August 7 – Day 1

Location: Vashj’ir, World of Warcraft In Photo: Viya, having been knocked unconscious and dragged away by an angry Naga. Having bit the bullet and begun questing in the game again, Viya was promptly smashed on the head and physically removed from the site. Even though I have been through this on not one but two characters in the […]

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Wherein there are Details

Guest Post by Eva Marie An avid reader of fiction since the age of six, I have always sought out virtual worlds to immerse myself in in and explore. Whether Narnia, Azeroth, Hogwarts or Tortall I breathe the environments and the moods of these worlds. These places that are so unlike my own world. I […]

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