The undiscovered country: Our first voyage to InWorldz

A popular post that I thought might resonate with readers here.

Canary Beck

This week Harvey and I visited InWorldz for the first time and despite the poetic allusion of this post’s title – no, we did not meet our deaths – far from it. The voyage was swift and not without incident, but we survived nevertheless, and returned back to familiar ground, safe and keen to tell the tales of our adventures.

InWorldz saw its first login in February, 2009, which paved the way to an official opening just over a month later. Nearly five years since then, it claims over 87,839 registered users with about 200 (-ish) concurrent users today (at the time of writing this post on October 31). When I count the number of concurrent users in Second Life at the same time (28,817), one could reasonably say InWorldz hasn’t really yet taken off.

Still, InWorldz has received a lot more attention among Second Life residents recently, probably due to recent…

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Canary Beck became a Second Life resident in 2007. She was an SL blogger, artist, creator, merchant, sim owner, researcher, filmmaker and performing artist. Today, she works as a London-based internet marketing consultant and business owner.
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