New Home; Old Home

Hi everyone! We’ve moved! And haven’t!

iRez: the virtual identity salon is still at our same “address”, but we’ve changed hosts from to WP Engine. When you type the URL, or search for us, you’ll go straight to the new place. But if you subscribed to iRez in the past, we can’t update you as won’t allow us to see or access our subscriber list. So, if you’d like to continue to be updated on all things iRez, please drop by our “join” page and add your name to our cool, new MailChimp list. We send just 1 email a day, at 13:00 GMT, with a synopsis of all the posts from the past 24 hours.

Thanks so much for visiting iRez in the past, and best wishes for wherever your future leads you!

Have avatar, will travel!

— Vaneeesa

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Author:Vanessa Anne Blaylock

As a Virtual Public Artist my work invites virtual communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.
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