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WEST MIDLANDS UK, SHANGHAI, HONG KONG, HUÉ VIETNAM, SEOUL, 25 July — real and virtual traveler Rachel Marsden takes us, all in a single post, on a whirlwind tour of British Summer sunshine, blue sky Shanghai, and the paper sculpture and installations of Mademoiselle Maurice and Yunwoo Choi.

Rachel Marsden's Words

A couple of Wednesday morning creative finds. I’ll be blogging a few times today to share recent adventures, discoveries and Rachel’s general thoughts. Today is one of the first days since I’ve been back in the UK where I haven’t got any appointments, I haven’t got to go anywhere, drive or get the train. In fact, I don’t have to leave the house if I don’t want to. In reality, we know that won’t happen…I want to go swimming today! So as I do a little what I call Rachel admin, continue to brutally clear out my house and engage in the normalities of day-to-day life, I’m realising that most UK TV and radio is terrible after not watching or listening to either for months and months. I think I could actually live without a TV now, and that’s a nice feeling. I could never live without music though. I’m…

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