24 July – Day 18

This is the “vintage village” of Verdigris. the main streets of which are mysteriously built on top of two unfinished bridges. I guess it’s all part of “the inventions of a curious mind” as the place’s description laconically informs. Anyway, there’s plenty of shops around, most of them of the “arty” kind, including an antique dealer (now that’s a concept, virtual antiques!) where you can buy all the buildings on display here.

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Author:Marmaduke Arado

In Second Life I developed a show with my partner Kikas Babenco, and we participate in performances and improvisations around the grid. Meanwhile, I take a lot of pictures!

One Comment on “24 July – Day 18”

  1. Thursday, 26 July 2012 at 03:45 UTC #

    Even though you CAN buy these buildings, you CANNOT use in-world camera control keyboard shortcuts on your pix on this web page — What’s up with that!?

    Anyway, I got up to the tower… and now I’m trapped there! Do you think you could send one of Kikas’ protector bots to come rescue me?

    Vaneeesa in a high tower at "Vintage Village" in Second Life

    Help me Marmabot, you’re the only one that can save me!

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