21 July – Day 16

Today’s outstanding Second Life event was undoubtedly Vaneeesa’s “Pink & Blue” performance at Mikati Slade’s equally outstanding Pico Pico Life installation. That’s me in the back, having some deep musings, as intended by the event, about gender stereotypes and multiple identities!

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Author:Marmaduke Arado

In Second Life I developed a show with my partner Kikas Babenco, and we participate in performances and improvisations around the grid. Meanwhile, I take a lot of pictures!

3 Comments on “21 July – Day 16”

  1. Saturday, 21 July 2012 at 22:19 UTC #

    There’s something about a man in a dainty skirt and halter, and in pink. Oulala hehe

  2. Saturday, 21 July 2012 at 23:02 UTC #

    wow Marma, thanks so much for commin today — you guys looked totally awesome!!

    Seriously though… watch your back babe… I think Kikas is falling for that BodyGuardBot…

    falling hard!!

    • Sunday, 22 July 2012 at 18:27 UTC #

      thanks for the warning Vaneeesa, I’ll be getting a pair of real dark sunglasses first thing in the morning. 😀

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