Steve Mann Cyber Hate Crime Victim?

TORONTO, 18 July — O Canada’s Russ Martin reports that University of Toronto professor Steve Mann, inventor of “Eye Tap” AR technology and a computer vision wearer for 34 years, may have become the world’s first cybernetic hate crime victim when he was allegedly assaulted by McDonald’s employees in Paris on 1 July.

Steve Mann has been wearing a computer vision system for 34 years.

The University of Toronto professor is the inventor of Eye Tap, an augmented reality technology that uses laser lights to make the eye function as both a camera and a video display.

Mann claims he was assaulted last month at a McDonald’s in Paris, France, in what has been called the world’s first cybernetic hate crime.

According to a blog Mann posted, he visited a McDonald’s location in Paris on July 1 while on vacation with his wife and children. Mann says he was stopped by a McDonald’s employee and questioned about his glasses, which hold the Eye Tap system. Because of the camera attached to his face, though, he has clear photos of the people involves and has included them on his site.

After showing the employee a doctor’s note, Mann says he and…

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  1. Thursday, 19 July 2012 at 22:13 UTC #

    TechnoBuffalo discusses the issue of photography in pseudo-public spaces and includes a photo (I believe) from Steve Mann’s Eye Tap of the incident in Paris:

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